Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yet, Even More Random Musings

Ever have one of those days where nothing you write seems to come together properly? Ever have a cold that seems to shut down the thinking process and make you feel like a Liberal trying to understand a simple issue? Well, tonight's the night.

So, instead of actually trying to be coherent, I give you this:

- Liberals have judged me to be “judgmental”.

- “Bush lied” is a lie. Can hypocrisy be boiled down any further?

- Lefties don’t take terrorism seriously because they don’t think that they, personally, will be killed by terrorism. They have figured the odds, and decided that they don’t have to worry. As long as it won’t be them getting killed, who cares? And these are the people who care so much about their fellow man.

- The Islamic terrorists tell us that they want to spread Islam throughout the world and make it the only from of religion and law. Umm…isn’t that the definition of Imperialism? So why does the Left call America an "imperialist" country and give the Islamists a pass?

- Racism no longer has anything to do with race. It has become nothing more than a political bludgeon wielded by the Left to pummel its enemies.

- To the Left, the underdog is always to be cheered, and the powerful vilified. Isn’t it ironic, then, that they want nothing on this earth more than to wield power? Will they then vilify themselves? No, because, in their arrogance, they believe that they will wield that power properly, although history has shown us what happens every time when the Left wields power. We had 100 million dead at their hands in the last century alone.

- Achtung Lefties: You have the right to say whatever you want. I have the right to point out why you’re a moron. Both are protected by the first amendment. You have the right to speak, I have the right to criticize your idiotic statements. Quit whining about people "shutting down" free speech just because you're criticized for making idiotic statements.

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