Friday, May 08, 2015

The End Game

Why are all of these deaths of black people at the hands of police suddenly huge news? It's not like the situation is any worse now than it has been in the past. In fact, I'd bet that it's gotten much better.

However, Al Sharpton has let the cat out of the bag. Occasionally morons like him let slip the real reason behind their actions.

The Leftists, as they always eventually do, want a Nationalized Police Force. It is much too hard to have complete, jackbooted control over the population when you're not controlling the people who are controlling the people. And many of these local hick cops may actually sympathize with their local citizens! That is unacceptable to the control-freak Left.

The Feds have already armed local police forces using the Federal 1033 program, putting military hardware on the streets of your town (you can use that link to see what the military has given to your town). The logical next step is to take control of it. I'm sure it makes the Lefties nervous to have that stuff out there and not be in control of it.

We've seen what happens when a country implements a national police force:

Remember America? Those Were the Days

So Pamela Geller holds a "Draw Mohammed" cartoon contest, it's attacked by a couple of Muslims who are shot dead, and the woman who they were attempting to murder is blamed for the incident!

I'm not surprised that the MSM and the usual Leftist morons are attacking her. What really pisses me off is that a lot of supposedly Conservative people are saying that she brought the attack on herself!

Aside from the "she was just asking to be raped" aspect of this story, the fact that they are justifying attempted murder because of a fucking cartoon is infuriating.

It's as if, after years of brainwashing by the Left that "Islam is a religion of peace", they've developed Stockholm Syndrome and forgot what a bunch of evil bastards practice that religion. Why would they possibly give these Muslims a pass on attempted mass murder? No other "religion" does these things.

Catholics don't scream, "Jesus is Lord" and blow themselves and others up because someone ate meat on a Friday.

Jews don't team up and shoot up shopping malls because someone ate pork.

Buddhists don't attempt mass murder because somebody ate a fucking hamburger!

No, only those who follow Islam, the biggest scam ever perpetrated by one man, do these things.

How many thousands of times have we seen these barbarians murder innocent people? And, yet, when they do it this time, the people who are targeted for drawing fucking cartoons are blamed for the Muslims' actions!

Andres Serrano puts a statue of Jesus in a jar of his piss and calls it art. Do Christians try to murder him? No. And, if they did, would he be accused of "provoking" them? Of course not! That cop-out is only reserved for the savages who practice Islam for some reason.

Christians complain about it and express their belief about how wrong it is. They are told to "lighten up".

Muslims try to murder people who are drawing cartoons, and we're told that they were "provoked".

This is just the latest example that tells me that this country is so fucked up, so backwards, so upside down, that we shouldn't even call it America anymore. Using that name to describe what this country has become is a huge insult to the America that once was.

It's a good thing that I'm not a Muslim, or I might act upon that insult to something that I hold sacred.

Identify This!

So, women can "self-identify" as men ans vise versa. In fact, the Leftists tell us, people can self-identify as anything that they want.

The next time I'm talking to a Lefty, I'm going to self-identify as a black, disabled lesbian. Then get all pissed off when they refuse to believe me.