Sunday, July 15, 2012

Liberal "Logic"

Liberals hate themselves. Deep down, they know that they are self-centered, neurotic, emotionally-stunted children who don't really care about anyone else.

And, if they are that messed up, so they think, their ideological enemies (i.e. Conservatives) must be downright evil! After all, if Liberals are the good guys and they're that screwed up, Conservatives must be psychotic!

It never occurs to them that maybe it's just them.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

For the Children

For all of their talk about creating a Utopia here on earth for following generations, Obama and his Leftist lunatics are destroying the one thing that they always use as a shield for their insane policies: The Children.

We all know that they are going to be tax slaves to the various governments - Federal, state, local and, eventually, the UN - but the worst part will be that they'll be intellectually enslaved.

In Orwell's "1984", it was posited that, eventually, after the Elite had changed the language enough, thoughts that didn't agree with the rulers would be, quite literally, impossible.

"Racist" no longer has anything to do with race. It simply means that you disagree with the Elite's view of a subject. It doesn't even, necessarily, have to have any bearing on race.

"Hate" no longer has anything to do with hatred. It just means that you disagree with the Elite's view of a subject. If you disagree with gay marriage, you are a "hater". If you disagree with letting millions of illegal immigrants into this country, you are a "hater". And the list goes on.

"Education" no longer has anything to do with intellectual education. It is a euphemism for the vast network of Leftists indoctrinating our children, including the teachers unions and University "Intellectuals" (who rarely use whatever intellect they may have).

"Global Warming" was foisted upon us for years until it was pointed out that the earth was actually cooling. At which point, the Leftist control freaks changed the term to "Climate Change". Which, if they would have been half as intelligent as they like to think they are, they would have went with in the first place. Climate change happens constantly and has been happening since the earth began. But the fools who are susceptible to the Leftist propaganda don't know that.

"Revenues" are what normal people used to call taxes. "Increasing revenues" means raising taxes. So does the word, "Investing" when used by a Liberal, as in, "Investing in our children's future". That simply means that Democrats want to raise taxes and spend the money on things that will actually harm our children's future by increasing the debt that our children will one day have to pay back.

The list of the words/phrases that the Left has corrupted could go on and on. When they control academia (see "Education, above), the media and the bureaucracy in Washington DC, we are truly into the realm of Orwellian thought control.

The only antidote to it all is to teach your children to be skeptical and cynical when it comes to what they see and hear in the mass barrage of information thrown at them every day.

I taught my daughter, and now she defines "cool" for the other kids. Being against "the man" is natural for teenagers. It's just a matter of letting them know why they should be against the ruling Elites.