Friday, August 28, 2015

I Have Met The Enemy...

Some of the things that Republican establishment types have said about Trump supporters:

  • Xenophobic
  • Anti-Semitic
  • Identity politics for white people
  • Low-information voters
  • Anti-immigration fanatics
  • Archie Bunker types
  • Outright racists
  • Ill-informed and ungrammatical
  • Genteel quasi-racists
  • Disgruntled

Funny, but these are the same words that the Left uses to describe those on the Right.

When you're using the same words as your "enemy" to describe a group of people, perhaps you should realize that you have become your "enemy".

They Just Don't Get It

All of those GOPE pundits who are so terrified of Donald Trump that they're lashing out at his "supporters"as a bunch of low-information hicks and morons just don't get it.

We don't exactly support Trump - at least not in the usual way. While we agree with much of what he's saying, we're not dumb enough to believe that it's much more than lip-service. Saying what he needs to say for the nomination. No different than any other politician.

No, for us who are loving the spectacle of Boehner and McConnell and the rest of the GOPE flailing around in a panic over Trump, our attitude can be best explained as such:

Donal Trump is our way of saying, "Fuck off!" to the GOPE.

The Level of Incompetence is Mind-boggling

I had had enough of the Republican Party as a whole more than two years ago. I wasn't alone, and many had given up on the GOP well before I had.

And now Frank Luntz, GOP pollster extraordinaire, is shocked...shocked! the level of animus towards the Republican party by their own, supposed, base!

I've never been involved in one of his polls but, apparently, the basic question, "What do you think of the GOP?" was never one of the questions. Because I - and millions like me - would have been happy to tell the pollsters that our opinion of the Republican Party was only very slightly higher than our opinion of the Democrat Party.

These GOP consultants are very well paid to gauge the mood of the country - and the mood of those in their very own party. And they failed. Not only did they fail, but they are years behind the curve!

These "professionals" had absolutely no idea that their entire base was in revolt! Their. Entire. Base. And they didn't even know it! That is a breathtaking level of incompetence. That is beyond Dilbertland.

The GOPE are so insulated from reality by their Rasputin-like consultants that they actually believe that they're doing what their base wants. They are like the classic, fictional King who is placed under a spell and is having destructive suggestions whispered in his ear by his "advisor".

This may, finally, scare them enough to change their tune. If so, expect the "fail theater" to be ramped up to 11. But it will be meaningless, because their paymasters will not let them do the right thing. Expect it to get noisy, but it will truly be a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Least of all, real change.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gotta Love It

Consider This

Once there was a loud, brash, egotistical celebrity who decided that he would run for the highest office in the land. He said outrageous things, attacked the current political system and didn't care what anyone thought of him. He rallied the people who were sick of the business-as-usual, "my friend across the aisle", bland, polite politics.

For their part, most political pundits wrote him off as a joke, declaring that he couldn't possibly win. He was attacked from both the Left and the Right. His supporters were constantly disparaged as moronic rubes who weren't sophisticated enough to understand the mystical inner workings of politics.

His name was Jesse Ventura...and he won.

His administration as Governor of Minnesota was a disaster. He was constantly attacked by both Republicans and Democrats and he took every attack very personally, thus making policy to hurt his opponents rather than for any good it would do for the state. It was a three-way war that lasted for six years.

I suspect that Donald Trump's administration would be similar.

I'm not bashing Trump here. He's not my guy, but it's fun watching him poke the Democrat and Republican elitists through the bars of their cages with a sharp stick. If only one of the other Republican candidates would get the hint: "That is what we are looking for! Do that! You don't even have to be a complete asshole about it like Trump is!  Just quit pulling punches and speak the damned truth instead of worrying about who you're going to offend! The people who are offended would never vote for you anyway!"

So far, the only person that I see who would be capable of this would be Ted Cruz. He is my guy, and I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. Faster, if he completely took the gloves off against the elitists in both parties.

I witnessed what happens when you elect a thin-skinned, emotionally childish person to the Executive office. It ain't pretty. Trump isn't the answer, but I admire him for doing what he's doing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Racism Is Everywhere!

Noting that the lines in the parking lot outside of the Social Justice Studies building were white, members of #BlackLivesMatter demanded that the lines be painted black.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

The New Democrat Man

For the second time, Bernie Sanders has had a campaign rally hijacked by the thugs of Black Lives Matter (In Certain Circumstances).

He stood meekly in the background and let them completely take over. At one point he apparently tried to walk back to the podium but was blocked, so he immediately turned around and went back to silently standing in the background.

This wasn't some large group of "scary" Black Panthers. This was three or four loudmouthed ingrates who managed to take over the rally of a "man" who wants to be the most powerful man in the world

And, judging from the pictures, they were the only black people there.

My first thought was, "Bad campaign move. Nobody's going to want to vote for someone this wimpy."

And then it occurred to me that this is exactly the kind of "man" that the new Democrat Party is likely to vote for. To them, a pussy like this is their ideal man. Terrified of offending anyone - except Conservatives.

Be proud, Democrats. Be proud.