Saturday, August 20, 2005

Caricature vs. Character

One thing I've noticed about the Left is that they need caricatures to justify everything that they do. Their extreme ideology falls apart without caricaturing us on the Right.

Do we on the Right caricature them? Yes, it's quite possible, although I think stereotyping would be a better word for what the Right does. Stereotyping takes the characterisitics of a smaller number of a group and assigns those characteristics to the whole of that group. We take the features of the most vocal of the Democrats and Liberals and assign those features to all of them. The truth is, many, many of the Democrats don't agree with the extreme Left at all.

And we on the Right don't do it to justify our positions on issues but, mostly, because that's all we see of the Left in real life and the media. There very well may be some moderates out there, but they are rarely given airtime by either the MSM or the New Media.

Like the "moderate" Muslims, if they're out there, they're keeping a very low profile.

The word "caricature", however, seems to fit what those on the Left do to Conservatives because the definition of that word involves the gross distortion of characteristics. It's a magnification of features, and usually the negative ones.

It's a propaganda tool that has been know for many, many years, and was used by the Nazis against the Jews and the Soviets against Capitalism and the West. It removes the necessity of arguing the real facts by villifying those who oppose you.

Opponents of abortion, for example, are always caricatured as nothing more than men who hate women and wish to keep them oppressed by tying them down with children. Visit any Lefty blog or website if you don't believe me.

Never is there any mention that these "pro-lifers" are, well, pro-life. There is never any discussion of why these people, who keep saying that they're against killing babies, might just be against killing babies. Instead, the whole argument of the pro-lifers is negated just to justify what most of those on the Left are really uncomfortable with: the fact that abortion may very well be killing babies.

Besides, the Left always hides its agenda, so they figure that the Right must do the same. It's beyond their comprehension that, when somebody says something, it's exactly what they mean.

If you caricature the pro-lifers as men who want to keep women "barefoot and pregnant", you never have to argue the point that you may be killing children.

Or let's talk about tax policy in this country.

Anyone who is for tax-cuts or against higher taxes on "the rich" is automatically caricatured as a rich, greedy Republican who's interested only in their bottom line.

(How that coincides with their belief that Republicans are ignorant trailer-trash is just another example of their psychosis. Doublethink is easy for these people.)

This allows them to justify the forcible taking of more and more money from your family and mine for no other reason than the funding of more government programs which, because they support them, makes them feel good about themselves.

They don't even care whether the programs work or not. These Lefties are so insecure, and feel so worthless, that the very act of pretending that they're doing good things makes them feel better.

Think about it: have you ever known a Lefty who wasn't pissed at the world and, basically, depressed? Me either. They'll deny it with their dying breath, and maybe many of them have actually convinced themselves otherwise; but if you look at them you can tell: deep down, these people don't like themselves very much. Take a look at Al Franken and tell me I'm wrong.

And so they have to caricature those of us on the Right as monsters to justify their projections of self-hatred into their stance on the issues. It doesn't take a psychologist to figure out that their positions on abortion, taxes, patriotism (or the lack thereof), etcetera, are nothing more than extensions of their psyches.

I'll never forget the annoyed Lefty who told me something to the effect of, "You people are just so sure that you're right!" Well, yes we are. Why else would we fight for our beliefs? It's stupid to fight for issues you're not sure of.

And I think that that is the very reason that they hate us so much.

We are self-confident, self-assured and have no need to justify our positions. We may need to explain them, but we don't have to justify them, because we have no doubt that we're on the right side.

Their hatred of us is based on nothing more than jealousy. They wish that they could be as self-assured as we are, but they're too frightened to cross over to "the dark side", as they see it.

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