Monday, August 29, 2005

OD'ing at the Fountain of Youth

So what's wrong with the Left? Nothing that a good old-fashioned Stalinist purge amongst their own group couldn't fix. The Left is good at the mechanics of that sort of thing. They've had experience in that area. Unfortunately they'd probably screw it up, and the extremists who are now running the gang would purge the more moderate faction.

Here's the real problem: the Democrat Party has been run by children in the bodies of adults for many years now, dating back to the 1960's. The children who took over the party back in the '60's most probably really did believe in their causes (i.e. civil rights). They were very much like the 18 - 20-something-year-olds that they truly were.

But the party has been regressing ever since.

In the 1970's, their emotional level fell back to that of your average high-school kid. The noble ideology was mostly gone. Everything was just one, big party. The drug culture, and the disrespect for rules and laws that was necessary to justify that culture, fit right in with a high-school-kid mentality and their new-found freedoms and contempt for the rules.

They slowly regressed throughout the 1980's. You could see it in their hatred toward the "popular" kid, Ronald Reagan, and in their ever-growing entitlement mentality, and their adolescent demands for "acceptance" of everything that they liked, which ushered in the age of Political Correctness.

By the 1990's they were in full-fledged 13-year-old kid mode, symbolized by Bill Clinton's obssession with sex, and their unthinking adherence to whatever they were told. It was peer-pressure at it's worst. This was the time when they really started doing nothing but parroting the party line. To do otherwise would get you kicked out of their clique. It was also the time that they really got going with their strict doctrine of non-disagreement with the leaders of that clique (see campus "speech codes").

And today, we have the young, pre-adolescent children running the whole show. Even if they did possess the logic to make decisions based on reality, they wouldn't do it anyway. Their beliefs are based on their feelings, and nothing more. Like your average 4 or 5-year-old, they have no discipline and very little experience with the real world. They are prone to screaming tantrums when they don't get what they want. When you take their favorite toy (power) away, that tantrum can last forever.

Just as they can be convinced that Santa Claus is real (e.g. free toys/social programs to which no thought is ever given to who's really paying for them), they can also be convinced that there is a boogieman.

Today, this boogieman is called the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" or "The Religious Right" or "Karl Rove" or just plain "Conservatives".

They are terrified of the boogieman and they don't know any way to stop him. That helplessness turns into the rage that only a small child can project. I'm sure that most of you have seen it at the mall or in a grocery store: the shrieking howling, uncontrollable tantrum that not even the most determined adult can stop.

And that's what we're dealing with today when we deal with the Left.

So what's next? They really can't regress much further, can they? The next stop is the womb. And that would be one abortion that I would be completely in favor of.

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