Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bush Did It

Cindy Sheehan's mother has apparently had a stroke. I wonder how long it will be before she blames it on President Bush. It wouldn't be at all out of character.

Remember, this is the woman who said that, after one of the locals suggested that she not stand in the road because she might get hit by a car, she felt "very intimidated" by the statement.

She also warned people, "We’re not letting them intimidate us. If we get killed out here, know that the Secret Service killed us."

And remember that neighbor guy who got fed up with the protestors and fired his shotgun in the air? She actually said that the guy "shot at us".

It wouldn't surprise me for a second if she were to blame Bush for causing her mother's stroke, probably through some super-secret government agency. In her paranoid, conspiracy-theory mind, this just has to be too coincidental not to be aimed at getting her out of Crawford so that she can no longer embarass Bush.

The sad thing is, she's only embarassing herself.

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