Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Global Warming?

As far as I'm concerned, Al Gore can come up here and lick my flagpole!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Believing" - Until You Don't Need To

What ever happened to John Ashcroft who was, once upon a time, the most hated and evil man in the world? At least by Democrats.

Or Karl Rove, for that matter?

These two (and many others) were the subject of thousands of screeching, daily rants warning the American people of how they were going to (literally, in Ashcroft's case) bring Armageddon down upon the world.

Funny, but you hardly ever hear about either of them any more. You only hear about Rove because he writes a column for Newsweak magazine. John Ashcroft may as well have gone on to his reward for as much as the Left mentions him anymore.

Could it be that maybe the Left didn't really believe that these guys were as bad as they said they were? I doubt it. At least during the time that they were shuddering in fear over these "evil, warmongering, Christian haters", they believed every word that spewed from their spittle-flecked lips.

It's just another sign of the Orwellian insanity of being a Leftist that they truly believed that John Ashcroft was the Antichrist - until he no longer threatened their power or policies. Once he no longer threatened them, he became just another human being, no longer imbued with the power to destroy the earth.

And I'd bet that not one of them made the connection between their irrational hatred, their political ideology and the fact that John Ashcroft abruptly disappeared from their radar screen. Once Ashcroft stepped down, he became a non-person. He disappeared - just like mommy does, in an infant's mind, when she leaves the room.

When a Leftist hates someone, it is always in a self-righteous, "I'm going to personally help save the world from this person" point of view. They use the worst epithets that they can possibly think of to describe them, and they believe every word that they are saying at the time.

And then, when this evil person goes off and retires, the Leftists apparently lose the belief that something needs to be done about them. Karl Rove apparently chose being a columnist over world domination.

To be a Liberal is to be completely deranged.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

3-Ring Circus

Appearances and Ann Coulter's joke about him notwithstanding, its really too bad that John Edwards isn't gay. Think about it: they'd have all three of their biggest victims groups represented - women, blacks and gays.

Watching Hillary (via her subordinates, of course) try to call Barack Obama a "nigger" and still maintain her elitist liberal image is absolutely fascinating. Especially when you consider that Obama has, as far as I know, never once tried to use the race card. In this day and age, when blacks go ballistic over things that have nothing to do with race (i.e. "niggardly") that's unheard of. I give him all the credit in the world for that.

It's not that Obama doesn't actually believe that blacks are a horribly oppressed minority in this country, as evidenced by the racist church to which he belongs. Hell, he wouldn't be a liberal if he didn't believe in the supposed inherent racism in this country. But he has managed to restrain himself on the campaign trail at least.

And then you have Hillary and her fellow man-hating feminist travelers whining about the boys picking on her and not giving her a level playing field to play on. At least when she isn't crying like a little girl.

(I, for one, believe that her tears were completely real: after 35 years of plotting to become the first female President, her dream looked as if it were crumbling within 11 months of achieving it.)

If only John Edwards really was gay, we could have the pleasure of watching him whine about getting the shaft (sorry, couldn't resist) because of his sexual orientation and attacking Obama for being a man. And attacking Hillary for being even more of a man (except when she's crying).

The Democrats are showing their true colors in this race: after decades of preaching to us about how tolerant they are towards others, their power-at-all-costs mentality comes shining through in their attacks on one another regarding the very things which they'd like us to think they are tolerant of.

We on the Right always knew that they were a bunch of lying hypocrites. Now the rest of the country gets to see it, too.