Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Attention Addiction Disorder

If someone were demanding to meet with me for the express purpose of calling me a murderer and a war criminal, I think that I’d have to decline. Expecially if that person were a delusional fool who was doing nothing more than parroting the phrases whispered in her ear by my avowed enemies.

What I find surprising about the whole Sheehan circus, is that the MSM doesn’t seem to be ridiculing and pestering President Bush to meet with this woman like I expected them to. After all, that was what this whole thing was about, wasn’t it? Bush was supposed to drive out to Ms. Sheehan’s ditch, get out of his SUV, and have hatred and ridicule heaped upon him in person. He was to be the object of their “two minutes hate”.

And then Ms. Sheehan would go back to sunny California and grieve for her son in the normal way, never to be heard from again. She would live out her life like the rest of the mourning families in this country.

And Code Pink and the rest of the organizations who are manipulating this foolish woman would fold up their tents and, having gotten their point across, go out of business.

And then we'd finally see "Pigs on the Wing".

But the MSM is ignoring the original point of the whole spectacle. They couldn’t care less if President Bush ever meets with this woman. Vultures that they are, they just want the tasty bits; the picture, the sound bite, the over-the-top statement from Ms. Sheehan and her supporters.

You’d think that Troupe Sheehan would have a problem with that. After all, they expected their allies in the media to help pressure Bush into this meeting. But the media couldn’t care less about the meeting, and the “activists” don’t hardly dare pressure them to do so, because to publicly attack the media would make them disappear in a hurry; and then all of that lovely, warm-fuzzy attention would also go away.

So the Lefties will settle for the coverage that the MSM will give them and write off the meeting as a total loss. Their hoped for photo-op of Cindy Sheehan berating the President of the United States will never happen, but the alternative is to slink back under the rock whence they came.

In the meantime, President Bush can take care of important things.


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  3. Yup. Its not like if he actually met with her she would just finally shut up and go away. She would just continue spewing her crap.

    Also, you get some of the weirdest flavors of spam... I mean, I know Hormel is HQ'ed in MN and all, but this is ridiculous...

  4. I heard tonight that this moonbat's husband is filing for divorce. No surprise there! He's tired of her road-show.

  5. Oh, and a great title for this blog entry! LOL.

  6. It is bizarre for someone to exploit their own grief in order to advance their political agenda.

  7. I hate to see someone exploiting your blog, get Haloscan man!!! I loved your point in this post, I never considered that.

  8. These Spam comments are getting tiresome.

    It's just sickening to see this woman lose her mind on live television, and no one has the decency to get her some help.

  9. Nice Blog ! I marked it to check it again. I have a small site about Agent Orange and decided to write about it even though it's not much. ---Jack---