Saturday, August 27, 2005


When it comes to the Left, they have their own definition of what's obscene and what words are considered obscenities.

"Gun", "violence", "bully", "patriotism". These words are all considered obscene by the Left. To utter them in any context that is not negative is considered a major faux pas to them.

However, to refer to the President of the United States as, "the Ass-Faced Fuckhead", doesn't elicit so much as a blink from these people.

Is that quote from the Daily Kos? From Pandagon? From any other extreme Lefty website? No, it's from a blog called "Air America Radio Place" and, judging by the fact that they're using Air America's logo, I would assume that it's endorsed by the failing, corrupt Left-wing radio network.

How childish. How unprofessional. How utterly illustrative of the Democrats today.

You know, at one point not long ago, I tried to differentiate between the extreme Left and run-of-the-mill Democrats. No longer. If their party is going to embrace these Moonbats, let the whole party be tarred with that brush. Maybe when the more mainstream people in the party stand up and denounce the Moonbats and get them out of the Democrat party, I'll believe that they don't believe the lunacy being espoused.

It's really no different than the "mainstream" Muslims not denouncing the extremists who are supposedly using their religion to justify targeting and killing innocent women and children.

If they're not going to denounce them, I have no choice but to believe that they are supportive of them.

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