Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Ray of Hope

Apparently nobody's falling for Hillary (and the rest) suddenly professing their belief in "moral values" From The American Spectator:

The liberal polling firm Democracy Corps has released the results of its latest research project. Titled, "The Culture Divide & the Challenge of Winning Back Rural & Red State Voters," the memo encapsulating the results of a series of focus groups paints a grim picture for Democrats. "Most [focus group participants] referred to Democrats as 'liberal' on issues of morality, but some even go so far as to label them 'immoral,' 'morally bankrupt,' or even 'anti-religious,'" report Karl Agne and Stan Greenberg from Democracy Corps.

Anyone surprised?

They don’t get the "moral values" thing because they think that it’s about religion. Period. They are so fixated on their belief that all of these "red-staters" are bible-thumping religious fanatics, that they can't see that there is much, much more to "moral values" than religion.

And why can't they figure that out? It's because the Democrat politicians and their Leftist base have no moral values. They have one "value" and that can be summed up as, "more Me now!"; although, "Power at any cost!" also works.

They are so self-absorbed that they can't imagine that anyone could really care about anything other than themselves.

They can mouth the words, "putting the children first" or, "for the good of the country", but nobody believes for a minute that they have anything other than their own self-interest at the top of their list of "principles".

That's why they hated Ronald Reagan and that's why they hate George W. Bush. They portray both of them as stupid, shallow, bumbling fools who have a simplistic outlook on "right and wrong", "good and evil". But anyone who isn't a hard-core Leftist and/or Democrat believes that Reagan and Bush were and are sincere in their beliefs.

They hate them because they know that Reagan and Bush actually believed in something more powerful than themselves. They hate them because it throws their own shallow, self-interested, narcissistic "beliefs" into such stark contrast. They knew it in Reagan's day, just as they know it today.

Yes, moral values can speak of religion, But it also has to do with honor, pride, character, traditional America, patriotism, love of country, individualism, strength …everything that the Liberal base of the Democrat party hates and disparages and has none of.

The majority of the American people know when they are being lied to and patronized. They can usually tell when they are being “told what they want to hear". Hillary can move to the center as much as she wants, but the only people who will be fooled are those who want to be fooled.

Everyone else knows that to be a Democrat takes nothing more than being an insecure child who tries to remedy that insecurity by Lording power over others.


  1. I don't see any hope at all, Exile. America has slouched towards Gomorrah to an irreversible extent. People like you and I can blog all we want to, but all that will do is guarantee us a clear conscience when we're depleted of our money and will.

    For Pete's sake, the City of Minneapolis is run by people who are more concerned about second-hand smoke than they are first-hand bullets. People protest by the hundreds against the War in Iraq, but shrug their shoulders when children shoot other children on a daily basis.

    Birth control readily and cheaply available, and still 1.5 million abortions per year.

    Oil at an all-time high, our dependancy on unstable Mideast countries growing by leaps and bounds, but we can't tap our own vast resources due to unfounded environmental concerns; and ironically, those voicing said environmental concerns do so via bumper stickers on their SUVs.

    The only hope for America is to deconstruct this Behemoth it took 200 years to grow in half that time, and it will not happen. Witness the Transportation Bill: we're running huge deficits already; we're at war; and still politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, shill for pork at the expense of working stiffs like you and I. People too tired at the end of a hard day's labor to raise a complaint. People prohibited by their jobs from meeting with Legislators during working hours.

    Tell me I'm wrong, Exile. Anyone reading this, tell me I'm wrong. And if I'm not, tell me how to change things.

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  3. Worm-
    things are bad, and I don't know that I disagree but lighten up man.
    The left is crumbling fast and there is hope.

    Look on the bright side of things, Prozak is readily available.

  4. And if I'm not, tell me how to change things.

    There is really only one thing you can do. You can talk about it and raise a stink until the politicians can smell it. If you have enough people raising the same stink, politicians do listen.

    Contact your representative on a subject, and keep contacting them. Get others to repeat the chorus. Eventually, they start to listen. The left is really, really good at this. They pick a topic, stick to it, and repeat it ad infinitum.

  5. Admin, we are already changing things. You and I and about another million people who are using the "New Media" to call attention to these problems. And it seems to be working. Hopefully it's enough.

    Minneapolis is run by a bunch of anti-American socialists from R.T. Ryback on down. As their poilicies hurt more and more people, those people will leave and, hopefully, see what left-wing politics do to a community and change their minds.

    I admit that we're in a bad spot, but I think that there's some hope. It would take up too much room here (and nobody would see it), so methinks I'll turn my answer into a post tonight.

    In the meantime, stiff upper lip and all that, chap.

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  8. Ex

    here here sir. i live in that carpetbaggers base of operations and i can't stand it. every monday either hilly or schumer have some weekly "pet" issue to have the appearance is actually doing something. the media over here is already getting stacked up to hit the folks running against her in '06 when it'll be time for me to put on my voting shoes

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