Tuesday, July 28, 2015

That's Not Immigration

When 1/4 of a country's population crosses your border illegally, that is not "immigration", legal or illegal.

That, my friends, is called an invasion! And the leaders of both parties are actually thrilled that we are being invaded.

To which I say, to both parties, a hearty "Fuck you, you traitorous pieces of shit!".

Unless the GOP nominates Ted Cruz - and they will fight that tooth and nail - for President, they will not get my vote. After all, what difference, at this point, does it make if Hillary (or whomever) wins? We've seen what happens when we give the GOP power: nothing! Ted Cruz was right: the Senate is being run today just as it was when Harry Reid was running it. Worse, McConnell is using Reid's tactics against fellow Republicans! At least the Democrats were using these scumbag tactics against the other party. That shows that the Democrat Communists actually have more integrity than the GOP!

Did I mention, "Fuck you!" GOP?

How Dare You, Sir!

How dare Ted Cruz call out the liar Mitch McConnell for lying! How dare Cruz - in public, yet! - expose the fact that McConnell lied to right to his face!

In real life (as opposed to Washington DC), calling someone who lies to you a liar isn't controversial. And the one who points out the lie isn't the one who is publicly shamed and attacked.

The GOP elitists are now no different than the Democrat Marxists in that they completely agree that the end justifies the means and that lying is a perfectly acceptable way to get what you want. You know: the same way a six-year-old thinks.

We need Ted Cruz for President. Give until you're living under a bridge.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We Ain't Completely Stupid, Kevin.

Kevin D. Williamson over at Nation Review posted an article sneering at us morons who supposedly support Donald Trump.

What he doesn't understand is that most of us supposedly foolish people see Trump for what he is: a fraud and a huckster who is only saying what we Conservatives want to hear so that he can advance in the GOP presidential race. We know he can't win. We don't want him to win. He's a clown.

We know that Trump has donated to Hillary and the Democrats. We know that he has, until recently been pro-abortion. He's for amnesty for illegal aliens.We know he's in favor of socialized medicine. We know all of this and more.

But he is saying what we want to hear from actual Republican candidates! We are sending a message to those who are running for president. We true Conservatives are sick and fucking tired of the mealy-mouthed, speak softly and carry a tiny stick so as not to offend anyone, let's try to make the media love us, foolish, triangulating candidates who are too afraid of the Left to speak their fucking mind! Because that is surrender to the Left.

What really gets me is Mr. Williamson's comments about us Conservatives: "conspiracy theorists", "stupid", "fanatics", ill-informed"...in other words, Mr. Williamson sees Conservatives exactly as Liberals do!

Just like the Liberals he's supposedly against, Mr. Williamson sees those of us rubes in fly-over country as uneducated, ill-informed hicks who should let their betters run things. We stupid conspiracy theorists should just go back to watching reruns of Sarah Palin's reality TV show and shut up.

I would give Mr. Williamson a bit of advice: go fuck yourself. You are in the same tiny little bubble as those Liberals whom you are supposedly against. Don't deign to tell me what I think. You need to get back into the real world and away from the Washington power-monkeys that you are currently palling around with.

When you start using the same language as your opponents to describe things, you are no longer their opponent.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Where Did They All Go?

When confronted with their racist past, Democrats always counter with the silly argument that, after the Civil Rights Act, the parties "switched sides".

Which would mean that all of the racist Democrats suddenly became racist Republicans. But...did all of the Republicans suddenly become Democrats?

That's so obviously not true. Even if it were partially true - say 50% of racist Democrats suddenly became racist Republicans - that would mean that the Republican party suddenly gained millions of voters, which clearly didn't happen.

The next time that you hear this idiocy, counter with one simple question: what evidence is there that huge numbers of Republicans suddenly became Democrats?

Democrat drones are so stupid that things like this never occur to them.