Thursday, August 11, 2005

Enough Already

If I hear one more person from the Right praise Peter Jennings as a “great reporter”, a “great anchor” or a “great man” I’m going to puke. The only thing that he was “great” at was spewing propaganda for the Left.

This Canadian high-school droput stood for everything that I, and most of the Right, are against. Tax policy, abortion, education, name the issue and he was on the opposite side. He was a perfect example of the “blame America first” crowd. He was anti-American, anti-Israel and an apologist for Muslim terrorists.. He despised anything Conservative; thus he was my ideological enemy.

Like most media liberals, he attacked the very country that made him rich and famous. He was an ungrateful, self-centered child. Just another fool who could read a Teleprompter and, somehow, thought that that made his opinion more relevant than anyone else’s. I will never understand people who believe that someone who reads the news is smarter than they are. I used to wonder about that even before I paid attention to politics.

Yes, it’s sad when almost anyone dies (and I do include him in that category), but don’t whitewash the harm that he’s done to this country. This “Progressive” used his position as a media giant to block progress on many issues, including the safety of you and me.

So why are all of these people on the Right suddenly praising him as if he were a Saint? It’s because they’re afraid that the left-wing MSM will attack them as being “insensitive”. Big deal. If the MSM were ever to attack me, I’d wear it as a badge of honor. I’m sure that my pet troll will attack me as “hateful and ignorant”. Good. That just tells me that I’m right. If you’re ever unsure of your position, just see what the Left is attacking, and you can be sure that that’s the right position, because the left is never right.

Besides, those right-wing pundits don’t have to actually come out and attack him, but they really don’t have to mention him at all, do they? Don’t dignify his existence with any comment whatsoever. As far as I can tell, he’s done nothing to earn our praise. Why suddenly pretend that he has?

The Left likes to call the Right hypocrites and, for once, on this issue, I would agree.


  1. I’m sure that my pet troll will attack me as “hateful and ignorant”.

    Is keeping a pet troll legal in MN? I would think that would violate some "keeping vermin as pets" law or something...

    Anyhow, you are exactly correct on the way the death of Peter Jennings has been handled. I was quite surprised to see the gushing from some places I would have have expected to see it...

  2. It's allowed as long as you keep them confined so that they can't get out and pester the neighbors with their rantings.

    Mine seems to prefer the dank, dark hole that it's dug under the shed in the back yard.

  3. Thanks for saying what many of us have thought. The only place I would differ is that he did travel the world and become knowledgable concerning other beliefs and customs. Then he came here, made millions, and used his knowledge to try to destroy our country from within. If it's so bad, why did he stay here? Easy $$$$$$$$$$

  4. I'm guilty, but only because he's who I grew up watching.

    I don't think he's a great reporter, but he was the first introduction that I ever had to politics and the news scene. I used to watch him all the time, since as a kid, I was beholden to the 'rents. :o)

  5. "Pet troll"? Is that what you call an interested reader who dares to disagree with you sometimes? Is disagreement so frightening to you?

    Otherwise, a typical snotty rightist reaction to the death of the man Bush called "Peter Degen- er, Jennings" (a gaffe the "leftist" corporate media carefully ignored).