Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Would You Put It Past Her?

If I were Bill Clinton, I'd be sleeping with one eye open and watching my back at all times.

Can you imagine the "sympathy vote" that Hillary would gain if Bill were to suddenly drop dead sometime before November?

Hillary and Bill don't even like each other. They've just used each other to advance their political careers. And now that Bill has become something of a liability on the campaign trail, both because of his sexual peccadilloes past and present and because he seems to be a bumbling old fool now, Hillary may just think that the best way to use Bill one last time would be to use his "unexpected" death as a ploy to suck up the huge amounts of sympathy that would be forthcoming.

An added benefit would be that it would seem incredibly boorish to bring up his sexual harassment and rapey history once the guy is dead. The MSM would go into hyper-shaming mode against anyone who uttered a word about his past.

The woman is a psychopath, plain and simple. I can certainly see her doing something like this.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Not Getting Better

People under 40 can't distinguish disagreement from hate.

People under 30 can't distinguish disagreement from violence.

I don't hate Leftists. I find them disgusting, pathetic, childish little worms who are beneath contempt, but I don't hate them. What would be the point? It would be like hating sewage.

As far as violence goes, someone really needs to show these pussies what real violence looks like. And, yes, I am advocating kicking their pansy asses, because that's the problem: it's obvious that these sheltered little fools have never been exposed to real violence in their entire lives, or they wouldn't say such stupid things.

It would be for their own good, of course.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's Time to Just Say "No"!

The Federal government keeps growing, and there is no end to that growth in sight.

There have been many ideas regarding how to stop that growth. Putting Republicans in charge was one of them. We saw how well that worked when we gave the House and the Senate to the corrupt leaders of the Republican Party. Abolishing various Federal departments was another suggestion. The EPA, the Department of Education, The IRS, among others. It sounds good, but even if it did happen - which it wouldn't because there are too many people making a living off of those departments - there are just too many bureaucrats in Washington to exterminate them all. There are over 700 (the government isn't even sure exactly how many there really are) Federal agencies and we'd be lucky to get rid of half of them...and that's not enough.

There is only one way to transmogrify the Leviathan that has become the Federal government back into the minnow that it once was, and was meant to be: The States need to stand up and quit letting the Federal government bribe them with their own money.

Take the latest example of the Left's ongoing destruction of our culture: Letting grown men into rest rooms with little girls. When states objected (most notably, North Carolina was to be made an example of), Washington immediately threatened to withhold Federal education funding.

Can anyone tell me what letting psychologically ill people - whether they be "transgendered" or pedophiles - into rest rooms with children has to do with education? Don't bother trying to tell me, because there is no link. It's just a convenient way for Leftists to get what they want without going through that pesky Legislative branch of the government.

Ironically, with the wimpy Republicans now infesting Congress, they probably could get it passed easily enough. But even that is too bothersome for those who believe that they were born to rule over the rest of us (speaking of psychological illness).

The solution really seems to be quite simple: The states need to make the Federal income tax completely voluntary in their states. Then raise their own income tax rate to match what would normally be sent by their citizens to the IRS, minus, say, 5 or 10%.

The states could fund their own programs and the citizens would get a nice tax cut. Win-win. And, those Leftists in the states could still voluntarily contribute to their beloved Federal government if they so chose.

I know what you're thinking: Because of the 16th Amendment, that would be illegal. What about the "Supremacy clause"?

To which I say, "So fucking what?" The Federal government is the only one that can ignore the Constitution? Maybe some payback is in order. Let's see how they like it if the states start using their own bullshit against them. If anything, the states have much more standing to ignore the Constitution than the Federal government does when it comes to illegitimate laws. Hell, the Federal government ignores legitimate laws countless times a day! The vast majority of what they do is unconstitutional!

And, really, what is the Federal government going to do? Send in the troops? That would be a violation of The Posse Comitatus Act. For the Federal Government to violate the Constitution to "uphold" the Constitution for no other reason than their insatiable greed would be incredibly bad optics. And would they really want to risk civil war over the issue? Because the first state to do this would definitely be joined by many others. This country is, obviously, headed for civil war in any case. Right now we're in the "cold war" version of it, but it will eventually turn hot if nothing changes.

So the Federal government would have to either militarily attack one of these united states, or acknowledge that they really don't have the power that they tell us they do and return to their Constitutionally mandated boundaries.*

Civil war seems inevitable at this point. I can't think of a better reason to get it started than whipping the Feds back into their Constitutionally mandated cage.

*As an aside, I've never figured out why people who are commanded by their "betters" to testify in front of Congress actually answer any of the Inquisitors' questions.

If I were, say, a baseball player being interrogated about steroid use, I'd just say, "I refuse to answer any of your questions until you show me, specifically, where the Constitution gives you any power to interrogate baseball players about their steroid use." And then just sit and smile at Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, et al while they squirm as it dawns on them that there is nothing that they can do.

What would they do? Hold someone who is a national hero to many people in contempt and jail them? Do they even have the power to do so? And how long do you think they'd sit in jail before public humiliation forced them to release that person? I'd give it 24 hours, tops.

These scum only have illegitimate power when we acknowledge that illegitimate power. When we point out that that power doesn't exist, it disappears.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Problem With "Climate Change"...

Isn't rising sea levels.

It's falling IQ levels.

Interesting Question

The Left believes that humans are really no different than animals.

How many male dogs, do you suppose, are trapped in a bitch's body?

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

We Hate People

The Climate Change Cultists are hiding their real agenda behind their stated arguments.

Their real agenda is twofold:

1) CO2 is plant food. More plants equals more food equals more people.

2) Plentiful fossil fuels would enable many third world countries to rise out of poverty. Less poverty equals a lower mortality rate equals more people.

You see, the Climatologists are the same people who were screeching about "overpopulation" for years and years. They were hoping that frightening human beings with death and destruction and mass starvation would cause them to quit procreating. When that didn't happen, they had to come up with a Plan B - which took the form of Global Warming. And when that turned out to be a joke, they changed the name to Climate Change because it never occurred to them that the planet might actually stop warming at some point. Leftists are really horrible at thinking one step ahead (see every failed program that they've ever instituted).

What also apparently never occurred to them (see above) was that, as populations become more prosperous, they procreate less. Europe's birthrate is well below the replacement rate, which means that they are dying faster than they're replacing themselves. Hence, the need to import "migrants" (aka young, male Muslim invaders) to do the work that they don't have the people to do.

America isn't much better off: we're barely above the break-even point when it comes to sustainable birthrate.

So the Left is either ignorant of the above facts (a very real possibility), or they just can't wait that long and prefer to starve the lowly vermin hordes of the third world, thus reducing the population (also a very real possibility). I would place my money on the latter: the Left has never had any qualms about killing people off by the millions for their vision of the Glorious World of Next Tuesday!

And, of course, an added benefit would be to bring Western Civilization and Capitalism crashing down. That would just be the cherry on top for the self-hating western Leftists.