Friday, August 05, 2005

Welcome to France...Allah Akhbar

French Muslim-Themed 'Beurger King' Opens

Top 12 reasons to visit Beurger King:

1) You can get a real sheik there.

2) The kid's menu features the "Disgruntled Meal" which has a free toy suicide vest included.

3) They have the French Fry "pullltab" game: you pull the tab off of the container and, if it explodes, you win the Grand Prize...72 virgins!

4) The food's OK, as long as you don't mind a little beard hair in it.

5) There's a rack inside the door where you can check your AK-47.

6) They have a drive-through window, so you can position your car bomb on time.

7) The children's play area looks suspiciously like one of those Al Qaeda obstacle courses that you see on the news.

8) The decor looks like the inside of a cave.

9) The temperature is kept at 110 degrees and the floor is covered with sand.

10) For your entertainment pleasure, they behead an infidel every hour on the hour.

11) When you "Supersize it", you get even more delicious goat.

12) They have those nice red checked tablecloths that can also be used as headwear.


  1. Oh, I like this one!

    You might enjoy what a friend of mine wrote. The piece is entitled "Did You Know?" and is posted on my blog.

    The following is NOT a joke....The other night, I visited my local Wendy's. The guy who took my order was named Mohammed, and for all the world, when he relayed my order, I thought he called to his associate Allah. order was taken by Mohammed and Allah? I'm not comforted!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention...You might get a kick out of Mr. Beamish @