Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Air Unamerican Tidbits

Just a few things from Air Unamerica's website.

From a promotion for Jerry Springer's new show:

Jerry Springer, The Voice of The Middle Class, is also a voice of reason in turbulent times.

There's the Elite Left's view of the middle class: they think that we're the Jerry Springer mob. Well, the ones on the left may be.

And yeah, I've always looked to Jerry Springer when I needed a voice of reason! Egads.

66 stations nationwide!

That's on the header of their home page in a very large font. Aren't we proud! Multiply that number by ten and they'll have caught up with Rush Limbaugh. Sure, Rush had 10 or 15 years to get to that number, but AU had better hurry up if they want to catch up. Their wealthy benefactors are eventually going to get sick of throwing money down a rat hole, and there are only so many poor kids and old folks you can steal from. That leaves advertising revenue, and we know that ain't going to happen.

And last, and possibly least, here's an e-mail I sent to Al Franken:

Hi Al,

I assume that the reason you never mention the "Air America stealing from kids" scandal is because the case is "under investigation".

Wasn't it you who was giving White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan a hard time for not answering questions because the Joe Wilson case was "under investigation"?

At least he gave us a reason explaining why he wasn't speaking about the case, instead of just pretending it wasn't happening.

I'm looking forward to you coming back to Minnesota to run for Mark (run away!) Dayton's Senate seat. Your votes will be approximately equal to your ratings, I'm sure.


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  1. If Al's votes are equal to his ratings, he'll have no problem winning ;)