Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talking Points for the Next 4 Years

  • Obama stole the election!
  • Obama = Hitler!
  • Obama is responsible for any loss of life due to the weather!
  • Obama is destroying the environment!
  • Obama lied, people died!
  • Obama caused 9/11!
  • Obama is waging war to enrich his friends!
  • Joe Biden is the real brains behind Obama!

I really am going to walk around saying this stuff to any Liberal that I happen to meet. Let them know how stupid they sounded for eight years. I'm sure that the humor and irony will be completely lost on them - it's much too complex - but at least I'll be entertained.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fooling the Fools

Obama keeping Bush appointees in position? Appointing Washington insiders and/or Clinton cronies to various posts (not to mention Hillary herself)? Going back on his word to close Guantanamo?

Why is anyone surprised? America has just elected a two-bit race hustler from Chicago to the highest office in the land. That's all that he is. The Left and the fools who pay more attention to American Idol than what's really going on in this country have fallen for the biggest con in history.

To those on the Left: don't feel too bad. In one sense Obama really is just like you: his only ideology is whatever gets him more power and attention. Much like the Clintons (and you on the Left) it really is "all about me".

But then, fooling the naive and uninformed is really no great feat, is it?