Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where Have All The Scandals Gone?

Wasn't Karl Rove supposed to be in trouble for something or other not long ago?

I also seem to remember a "Downing Street memo", or something like that.

And about a hundred other supposed scandals that, somehow, never grew legs.

For all of the gotterdammerung that was supposed to be called down from the pagan heavens upon President Bush and all of his minions for these "scandals", it's odd that they just keep fading away, with no one but the most extreme of the Moonbats citing them anymore.

It's no wonder that they're so angry. It's been 5 years and they can't make any of these idiotic "scandals" stick to Bush, while Bill Clinton looked like he was wearing a velcro suit in a gorilla cage he had so much stuff stuck to him (was that too Dan Ratherish?).

Why does it never occur to these nutjobs that maybe, just maybe, the reason that Bill Clinton had to deal with scandal after scandal was because he (and those around him) was a lying, corrupt, self-centered scumbag and the scandals were real.

As opposed to President Bush, who is an honorable guy that shrugs off these "scandals" because he knows that they're being manufactured and, therefore, can't be proven.

But the Lefties, children that they are, can't figure out that if you make something up, the facts to support your claim just aren't there. These allegations have to eventually make it into the adult world, where they are always picked apart as easily as you pick apart any three-year-old child's lies.

I really think that that's what has driven the Left over the edge. They can no longer put their version of the "truth" out there and have it automatically accepted as truth.

President Bush is just the obvious aiming point. The real underlying cause of their madness is people like you and me. People who are getting the real truth out there, unfiltered by the Left's fellow toddlers in the MSM.

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