Sunday, March 20, 2016

Democrat or Six-Year-Old?

- "It's not fair!"
- "He has more than me!"
- "You hurt my feelings!"
- "He called me a name!"
- "But that's different when I do it!"
- "Pay attention to me!"
- "He's a bully!"
- "Boys are stupid!"
- "Boys are mean!"
- "It's not my fault!"
- "The rules are stupid!"
- "New rule!"
- "You're a dummy!"
- "Take care of me!"

Amazing, isn't it?

Blind to Their Blindness

I am definitely not a Trump guy. I don't hate him because he's upsetting the "natural order" of things. In fact, I rather like that aspect of his campaign. I just don't trust him. He is, it seems obvious to me, a sleazy salesman who will say whatever it takes to get you to sign on the dotted line. And when the product turns out to be a piece of shit, he will just ignore you and no longer take your phone calls.

The part of the Trump phenomenon that I just can't understand are his followers.

These are, mostly, people who have for the past eight years decried Barack Obama and his cult-of-personality, fanatical followers.

And yet, the Trumpians are the exact mirror image of Obama's fanatics.

Just as Obama's followers do/did, the Trumpians not only defend Trump no matter what, they do so by attacking anyone who disagrees with them in the lowest, most childish, viscious manner possible. Their sneering term, "Cuckservative", is one of the more tame examples. But all you have to do is go to the comments section of any post that criticizes Trump - no matter how mildly - and you will see comments that would be right at home on any not-so-bright middle school kid's Facebook page.

It is absolutely no different than when Obama was running for President. But these people don't seem to see it at all. And if you point it out to them, they use the same line that all children caught being hypocrites use: "But it's different when I do it!".

The Trumpians, like the Obamians before them, are a cult. Nothing more. It is all about the Dear Leader and his "vision" for the future. This vision is completely and totally devoid of specifics and can change daily with no cognitive dissonance suffered by the followers, but that doesn't matter one bit to them.

This movement gives them a feeling of belonging and a sense of being the underdog, fighting the good fight against the authority figures. Just like any middle school child.

I keep hearing this argument that Trump's followers come from all sorts of backgrounds, educational levels and income levels. But the one thing that those polls can't measure is their emotional maturity level.

Like the Leftists who were fanatical Obama cultists (and I suspect that many of them are the same people), The Trumpians are emotionally stunted children in adult bodies who have found someone to worship. Someone who will shock their elders while they sit back and smirk knowingly.

I can see why many people think that Trumpians are morons for not seeing the similarity between their worship of Trump and the former worshiping of Obama. The fact is, they're not all stupid. Most of them are just emotionally fucked up.