Monday, August 15, 2005

Stupidity and the End of Civilization

I may have to revise my earlier statement that Cindy Sheehan was a Lefty activist well before her present escapade.

My change of heart comes from finally hearing this woman speak. She is a dolt. She is just as dumb as bait. She sounds like a fifty-year-old valley-girl.

Just the other day she warned that if they (the activists) were gunned down, it would be the Secret Service who was to blame! She actually believes this and was putting them on notice that she knew what they were up to!

She may have held these leftist “beliefs” before this whole circus in Crawford got started, but she certainly didn’t come up with them by herself. It now seems far from inconceivable, and actually quite probable, that some of these Lefty groups hunted her down and persuaded her that she could make her sons death “meaningful” by getting us out of Iraq and attacking President Bush.

After hearing the woman speak, I don’t think that it would be terribly difficult to persuade her of almost anything that the Left wanted to use her for. Though I’m sure that she’s being used willingly, and that she was a Lefty to begin with, the Left’s exploitation of this woman’s dead son is typical of their disgusting behavior.

Which points out the one overwhelming characteristic of today’s Left: their utter lack of civilized behavior. They have no dignity, no tact, no self-discipline, no diplomacy, no civility, no shame.Witness their inability to say the word “Republican” without attaching to it the name of some murderous dictator or movement.

They are hysterical, shrieking children who are not able to grasp the consequences of their actions.

They are so far gone that they don’t even have the decency to be embarrassed by their behavior. But then, why should they be? All of this, in their minds, is nothing more than the means to an end. Therefore it is justified.

Many people believe that that 'end' is the destruction of, or at least the lowering of, America as a superpower. I believe that it is no more than these childish people screaming for attention.

This is another example of what the American people mean when they speak of the Democrats and the Left having no “moral values”: they will do anything to get their way and have absolutely no qualms about it.

What’s the difference between Cindy Sheehan and the other 1799 or so mothers who lost sons in the war? Cindy Sheehan has no dignity or shame.

And before the Moonbats start howling about the hypocrisy of what I’ve written above vs. attacking a “poor grieving mother”, note that Ms. Sheehan gave up any status that her son’s death may have given her when she decided to politicize his death. In fact, I’m sure that that was part of the plan for her leftist advisers: “They couldn’t possibly come after a grieving mother! She’ll have free reign to say whatever we want her to say, and nobody can criticize her!”

Well, think again. If she wants to politicize the tragedy of her brave son losing his life fighting for something that he obviously believed in, then she had better be ready to defend her despicable actions.

Do you think that she ever stopped and asked, “Is this what Casey would want?” I guess that it’s possible: another of the characteristics of the Left is an amazing ability to lie to themselves.


  1. I think she may simply have lost her mind over grief at her son's death, Exile. I've seen it happen. Otherwise rational people can go completely off the deep end. Unfortunately, in some cases, people closest to them don't do what is necessary to help, i.e. keep them out of the public eye and let them find constructive ways to deal with their grief. This woman has been allowed carte blanche to say whatever ridiculous thing comes to mind, and her family has sat idly by and allowed her to be co-opted by the likes of Michael Moore.

    It's funny how at first, anti-war activists jumped on her bandwagon. Now, however, she's spouting conspiracy theories that make the John Birch Society look like the pinnacles of rational thought. It will be interesting to see how folks on the left, who heretofore supported her wholeheartedly, begin deserting her the crazier she gets.

  2. Admin, I wish that I could agree with you, but this woman knows how to act like a Lefty way too well to have just picked it up. I have to believe that she's a willing pawn of these people who are supporting her.

    And if you saw that letter that her family sent out, they are not sitting idly by; they are actively refuting her claims.

    And these lefties won't desert her just because she's spouting crazy conspiracy theories. Hell, where do you think she's getting them from? If you've ever heard her speak, you'd know that she's not smart enough to come up with this stuff on her own.

    These amoral scum will only desert her when she's of no more use to them. Her 15 minutes of fame will be up, her husband will have divorced her, she's alienated her family, and she'll be left alone. That's when she'll truly go insane.

    That's going to be the really sad part. I predict that she'll kill herself within 2 years.