Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Another Liberal Narcissist

Hero of the Left, Wendy Davis, is running for Governor of Texas. To no one's surprise, her biography is one, big lie.

The point that I'd like to address is the fact that she lost custody of her children to her now-ex-husband.

Speaking from experience, the only ways that a woman loses custody of her children are either, a) she has a serious substance-abuse problem or, b) she doesn't even try to gain custody.

I doubt that she's a drunk or a drug-addict, so she apparently didn't even try to gain custody of either of her children, including the child from her first marriage.

What kind of woman just walks away from her children because her career is more important? Wow.

This may seem like just a Texas issue, but I'm sure that her long-term goal would be national office. A woman ambitious enough to walk away from her children for her career would settle for nothing else.

Luckily, the people of Texas are smarter than that. Her chances of winning are slim-to-none.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Way to go UAW!!!

 So...FIAT now owns Chrysler Motors, locks, stock and barrel.
In related news:

Chrysler has just announced production of a new super-mini sub-compact car named in honor of President Obama. Introducing: the "Dodge Responsibility".

It has one "forward" speed (plodding), and veers erratically and unpredictably at every bump in the road. It also slams into reverse any time that it runs into a healthcare problem, and will remain that way until after the next election cycle.

It has an adjustable front suspension that will lower the front end whenever it is in the presence of a foreign leader - particularly those of the tyrannical, communist or middle-eastern persuasion.

In a revolutionary feat of engineering, It's hybrid (half-white, half-black) engine runs on hot air and racism which makes it a "green" vehicle, even though the gasses spewing from its tailpipe are extremely damaging to the social environment.

You can get it in any color that you want, as long as it is red.