Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Top 12 MSM slogans

The MSM likes to justify it’s negativity toward the war in Iraq with the slogan, “If it bleeds, it leads!”.

Well, in that vein, here are the top 12 easy to remember slogans for the MSM:

12) If it hurts Bush, give it a push!

11) Un-American? Run it again and again!

10) Anti-Rove…it’s a treasure trove!

9) Good news from Iraq? Put it in the back!

8) Bad new from Iraq? Put it on top of the stack!

7) If it’s gay it pays!

6) Abortion out of proportion!

5) DNC faxes: do more stories on unfair taxes.

4) Someone has a plight? Blame it on the Right!

3) A story and we don't like it? That's OK, we'll just spike it!

2) Agenda not taking hold? Put it above the fold!

1) We'd never have to budge, if it weren't for Drudge!

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