Friday, December 19, 2014

Why All the Hoopla?

I don't know why anyone is surprised that Obama is working to normalize relations with Cuba. Here's an alternate headline:

"Communist Dictator Makes Nice With Communist Dictator"

It is the biggest "Dog Bites Man" story that I can think of.

Putin, Morsi, Erdogan...Obama loves himself some Left-wing and/or Islamic dictators.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Down With the Struggle

My ancestors came from Africa.

Granted, that was 200,000 years ago, but doesn't that make me an African-American? If there's some kind of time limit on when your ancestors came from Africa that makes you a "true" African-American, somebody is going to have to explain the logic to me - because I don't see any. Some peoples' ancestors came out of Africa 300 years ago. Some came out 200,000 years ago. What's the difference?

Frankly, based on the passage of time since emigration, I'd say that people like me have a much better claim to be the "true" African-Americans.

Therefore, I will henceforth self-identify as an African-American in all interactions, on all forms and whenever I'm asked for my ethnicity.

I would also encourage you to do the same. Can you imagine the chaos that we could create in the race/industrial complex?

Suddenly African-Americans would be vastly over-represented in everything from loans to jobs to college admissions, etc.

Whenever a liberal criticized us in any way we could scream "RACIST!" at them or accuse them of being race-traitors.

If we were passed over for jobs, government programs or affirmative-action programs, we could claim discrimination based on our skin color.

And, when liberals argued that we weren't really African-Americans, they would have to finally admit that their "concern" is based on nothing but skin color alone.

We could also ask them who they are to question us? They gave us the idiotic phrase, "self-identification". Make them put their money where their mouth is. I have more of a basis, based on my ancestry, to self-identify as an African-American than Bob does to self-identify as a woman. I have archaeological evidence. Bob still has a dick.

Hell, the puzzled looks and discomfort alone while watching the wheels in liberals' heads grind when a white guy like me tells them that I'm African-American will be vastly entertaining in itself.

Monday, December 08, 2014

How Times Have Changed

In 1969, Charles Manson and his "Family", left-wing hippies all, killed a bunch of people, hoping to start a race war by blaming it on blacks.

Since 2009, the left-wing President of the United States of America and his "Family/Administration" have been doing everything that they can to start a race war by blaming the plight of blacks on white people.

Same ideology, separated by 40 years.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Insane or Stupid*? The Eternal Question

To be a Leftist, you have to believe that Conservatives:

  • Hate their wives, sisters, daughters, mothers and any female friends that they have.
  • Hate every non-heterosexual person that they've ever met.
  • Hate every non-white person that they've ever met.

Do they really believe these things? I have to believe that the vast majority of them do. After the hundreds of "debates" that I've gotten into with them, I can believe no different.

How is it that they can see people like me and still believe these things?

My daughter is my life. I brag about her constantly. Anyone who knows me knows that I love her more than life itself. I love my mother and my sisters. Hell, I even get along with my ex-wife.

But I hate women.

I have gay friends. Not the kind who are purposefully flamboyant and constantly reminding you that they're gay. Anyone who defines their entire lives by who they want to rub their genitals against has mental issues, and I choose not to associate with them. But the percentage of my friends who are gay is probably about the same as that of the general population.

But I hate gays.

I have black friends. I have hispanic friends, I have asian friends. In addition, I work with "people of color" (nice pigeonholing, Lefties!), and I get along with them every bit as well as I get along with my white friends and co-workers.

But I'm a racist.

How can Leftists look at my life and those like me, know our political views, and still believe that we're sexist, homophobic racists?

The only two explanations are that they're insane or stupid*. They are, somehow, able to hold two diametrically opposed thoughts in their heads, and believe both of them**!

When you think that half of the country is in this mental state, you should be very, very afraid - and plan accordingly.

*You could argue that there is a third possibility: uninformed/ignorant, but that equates with "stupid" in my book.

**Orwell described it perfectly as "Doublethink". But that was, supposedly, a work of fiction. It's frightening how close we are to the reality. of 1984.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cognitive Dissonance? What Cognitive Dissonance?

Feminists: Strong, independent women  who need someone (mostly men) to fix everything for them that they don't like and take care of their needs from cradle to grave.

They also want the government to keep it's laws off their bodies. Unless it's Obamacare. In which case, they want the government to apply thousands of regulations written by faceless bureaucrats (mostly men) to their bodies as often as possible.

They are women who admire self-made women who pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and  worked their way up from the bottom to become happy and successful, multi-faceted, talented winners. Unless it's Sarah Palin or any number of other Conservative women.

Their idea of a strong, successful woman is Hillary Clinton whose only accomplishment was latching onto a successful man who has done nothing but (and continues to) humiliate her for 40 years.

Or Michelle Obama, who was handed a made-up $122,000/year job at a hospital for which she had no credentials and no experience - just for marrying the up-and-coming state Senator, Barack Obama. When Barack became a US Senator, her salary suddenly leapt to $317,000/year. I'm sure that it was because she did such a great job.

Oh, and the hospital just happened to receive over $1 million after Barack became a US Senator. And for some odd reason eliminated the position after she left.

Debbie Wasserman-Shulz, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer...the stories of these feminists are almost always the same: everything handed to them on a silver platter. Usually by men.

But Feminists can look at all of this and see nothing - absolutely nothing -that disagrees with their "strong, independent, feminist" narrative.

It's almost like they're using this narrative to advance a Leftist agenda. Either that or they're insane. It's a toss-up.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Bit Too Perfect - Getting My Geek On

I've always found this fascinating. The forces of the universe are balanced to an unbelievable degree. Does this speak of "Intelligent Design"? I don't know. But, if it doesn't, it almost certainly means that there are an infinite number of universes - and that we just happened to be born in one in which physical forces are balanced to an unimaginably precise degree.

For instance, if these three parameters weren't met, life could not exist:

Gravitational forces, one second after the Big Bang, must have been balanced to one part in 1015. That's 10 followed by 15 zeroes, or one in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000.

The "cosmological constant" - the rate at which space expands or contracts - must be exactly one part in 10120. That's 10 followed by 120 zeroes! And, no, I'm not typing that.

The distribution of energy/mass (remember, Einstein says that the two are the same thing: E=MC2) after the Big Bang must have been precisely one part in 1010123

That's 10 billion - followed by 123 zeroes.

So there's your choice: either there are an infinite number of universes (as string theory, et al predicts) and we are mind-boggingly, incredibly, amazingly lucky to have been born into just the right one, or something out there designed this little slice of heaven that we inhabit.

I kind of lean towards the latter. Because believing that those numbers are just a coincidence takes an amazing amount of, shall we say, faith.

Leftism is a Childish Belief System

 I have always believed that Leftists were, emotionally, children. I have modified that belief slightly: They are extremely insecure children.

  • They believe that everything must be "fair".
  • They are obsessed with "bullies".
  • They think that other people should give them free stuff.
  • They don't want to give other people their stuff.
  • They are unable to think ahead to possible consequences of their actions.
  • They don't like to follow other peoples' rules.
  • Their rules must be obeyed.
  • They'll lie right to your face, no matter how obvious it is that they're lying.
  • They get upset when you point out their lies
  • They cannot stand being told that they're wrong.
  • They get extremely upset and resort to name-calling when they are losing an argument.
  • They think that everyone should have the same amount of everything.
  • They think that it's OK if they have more than other people.
  • They will do anything to gain the approval of their peers.
  • They insist that they are unique, although they are clones of their peers.
  • They will call you names - as long as you pose no physical threat to them.
  • They think that if we're nice to people, they'll be nice back to us.
  • They can't stand being told what to do (unless it's by their friends/superiors).
  • They don't learn from their mistakes.
  • They change the rules in the middle of the game.
  • They really, really suck at logic.
  • They pretend to like things just to be accepted by their peers.
  • They never take the blame for anything bad.
  • They always take the credit for anything good.
  • They use words that they don't really understand (i.e. "rights", "ignorant").
  • They get a thrill out of being "naughty".
  • They are envious/resentful of anyone who is superior to them in any way.
  • They can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
  • They think that it's OK to just take something if they want it.
  • They don't really understand how money/economics works.
  • They don't understand the phrase, "We can't afford it". They just want it.
  • They don't want to hear anything that disagrees with their beliefs.
  • They believe that anyone who disagrees with them is stupid/ignorant.
  • They say, "But that's different!" when they make the same mistakes as other people.
  • They have no grasp of human nature.
  • They don't understand why they can't just do whatever they want to do.
  • They believe that they are the center of the universe.
  • They don't really care about their political issues. "Raising awareness" is just another way of screaming, "Pay attention to me!"
  • They whine. Constantly. Incessantly.
  • They don't understand that respect is earned, not their birthright.
  • They get absolutely irate when they're laughed at.

"They don't do anything but block me and call me names."
-Barack Obama, 6/2014

 “And, and, and (they) call me names!”
- Barack Obama, 6/2014

Odd That Nobody - NOBODY - Is Mentioning This

In all of the coverage of the Kurds and their fight against the Islamic State, I find it odd that nobody - not even the more intelligent and well-respected commentators are mentioning one thing: The Kurds are Communists.

Their largest group is called the PKK, which stands for the Kurdistan Workers' Party. A name that Lenin himself would have approved of. Although they have been "evolving" recently, it's much like the "Liberals" evolving into the "Progressives": The name has changed, but not the philosophy.

The KDP - or Kurdistan Democratic Party - was created/backed by the Soviet Union against the monarchs of Iraq and Iran in the 1940's. Notice the use of the word, "Democratic". Virtually all political organizations with the word "Democrat" in them are Communist (including here in America). The KDP is no exception.

There are other, smaller, offshoots, but those are the main players.

So why haven't I heard, even once, from any commentator - Conservative or otherwise - that we are allying with Communists? I find that very strange.

It seems as if Conservative leaders believe that our support of the Kurds will diminish if they let it be known who the Kurds really are. That's kind of disturbing.

Usually the Conservative leadership has more faith in their ideological brethren. Purposely omitting the fact that the Kurds are Communists seems like something that the Democrats would pull on their low-information voters because, as we all know, Democrat leaders have no faith in the intelligence of their voters. And rightly so, in their case. But Conservatives are more well-informed, intelligent and realistic than the fools who vote Democrat. We can handle the truth.

Are we right to ally with the Kurds against IS? Probably. The enemy of my enemy and all that.

But I can't help but think that we are arming another Mideast group to fight our proxy war who will, in time, turn around and attack us. We've seen that scenario play out too many times in the Middle East.Why would this be any different?

Monday, September 22, 2014

If I Didn't Know Better...

This is becoming a trend:

The incredible testimony confirms a documentary broadcasted on August 27th on the Kurdish station STERK TV, it was said that ISIS has been raping men in a ceremony it describes as “marriage” and records them to use as blackmail and force them to join.
For a religion that professes to hate homosexuality, they sure do like to screw them some young men and little boys.

The fact that most of these Jihadists are having more butt sex than gay porn stars is the worst-kept secret since Liberace.

Blame Me...Everybody Does

My guess for the 2014 midterm Senate elections? Republicans will gain a few seats, but not enough to take the Senate.

And, after the "Republican wave" turns out to be a ripple, guess who the GOP Establishment (GOPE) is going to blame. That's right: Conservatives.

How do I know this? Easy: because that's what Democrats will/would do.

Just like the Democrat clones that they've become, the GOPE never, ever takes blame for anything that goes wrong. Like the cowardly Democrats, it's always someone else's fault. And, like the Democrats, the GOPE blames everything on Conservatives.

And you know what? They may, for once, be right. My Senators and state are beyond hope. There's a slim-to-none chance that Al Franken will be voted out of office by the know-nothing people in MN.

However, I will not vote for my Representative*, Erik Paulsen, either. He just keeps his head down and does what John Boehner tells him to do.

And, if we had a Senator here in Minnesota who was a RINO, I wouldn't vote for him/her, either. And I'd bet that there are millions of Conservatives like me who are so sick of the insults ("knuckleheads", "whacko-birds") and threats to "crush" us, not to mention their Democrat-like tactics (Remember Mississippi!), that we'll write in "Ronald Reagan" and "Sarah Palin" or - better yet - "Thad Cochran"" when it comes time to fill out the ballot.

So go ahead, Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell: blame me when this election doesn't live up to the hype. I may or may not be truly to blame - after all, you morons are amazingly good at screwing up elections - but I will wear it as a badge of honor that I didn't stand with you and your slow-track Socialist agenda.

*Sadly, Michele Bachmann was once my Rep, before they redrew the districts. I was proud to vote for her.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Same same

If attacks on Islam - which is a religion - is "racist" in the eyes of the Left - I think that we can logically call anyone who attacks Christianity - which is a religion - a racist, too.

So, the next time that you see some moron Lefty on a blog attacking Christianity, call him a racist. Then sit back and watch him/her/it dance right into that trap.

I would feel bad for screwing with people that stupid, but they are so willingly stupid that they deserve it.

Friday, July 25, 2014

They Never See the Logic Coming

When it's pointed out to a Leftist that the Nazis were Socialists, the Lefties always come back with, "The Nazis were nationalistic, therefore they were right-wingers" (assuming they don't just call you names instead).

Nationalism = love of country = patriotic.

So, what the Leftists are finally admitting is that, as Leftists, they cannot love their country and are unpatriotic.

Leftists continually get in trouble this way because they are too stupid to think even one step beyond what they've been told to say. It is the thinking of a child. That is also the very reason that they are Leftists.

Monday, July 21, 2014

No Wonder the Left Loves The Muslims

They are part of the "victimized" homosexual crowd.

Just without the fabulous fashion sense.

Anal Jihad

Color me not surprised.

From the time they are children, these guys are getting their asses pounded so much that they'd make San Francisco bathhouse sluts jealous.

It really does explain their pissed-off-at-the-world attitude if you think about it: raped as boys, then being told that they can't indulge their homosexual tendencies as men. But...they look at women as animals and don't want to have sex with them.

Calling Dr. Freud!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Keystone Kreeps

Sometimes I really do wonder if Obama's Hollywood buddies are scripting this whole administration as some kind of farce.

"I am very optimistic about -- about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You're going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You're going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government," - Joe Biden, 2010

Everything that they do, everything that they say, everything that they attempt, blows up in their faces. Everything

Bob Bergdahl: Insane Jihadi Stalker

I really don't understand why this story isn't getting more exposure in the new media.

The father of embattled POW Bowe Bergdahl, who landed on US soil today, waged a sinister campaign of stalking and harassment against pretty twin sisters – even stealing a gnome from their garden and peaking at them in the shower, the sisters claim in shocking police reports.

Bearded Robert 'Bob' Bergdahl drove by the home of Lacey and Allie Hillman ‘several times a day’ over a period of months and left 'creepy' notes for them, the sisters allege in police documents, obtained exclusively by MailOnline.

Once Bergdahl banged on Allie’s door and accused her of 'two-timing' him – despite the fact that the pair never dated or were even friends, Allie told police.

The guy is a nutcase. And judging by his son's writings and statements it's genetic.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Body Count

Obama's domestic policies have killed more people in this country than all of the guns owned by all of the people that I know.

What we need to stop the killing is a ban on Obama and his minions.

Mommy, What Does "Consequences" Mean?

I've always said that Liberals are nothing more than children in adult bodies. And, like a six-year-old throwing a rock through a window because it sounds like fun at the moment, they are not intelligent enough to think, "What will happen next?"

What do you suppose the reaction is going to be when the 5 dirty Muslims that Obama released for an American deserter start killing people again?

Oh, we know what the reaction will be when it comes to his cult members.

I'm talking about what the reaction will be among normal people. It ain't gonna be pretty and, if it weren't for the fact that people will be dying, I'd say, "Grab the popcorn."

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Shut It Down. Shut It All Down

The Federal Government subsidizes tobacco farmers.

The Federal Government funds smoking cessation programs.

Is it just me? Or is that a perfect example of how incredibly fucked up our government is?

Yes, They're That Stupid

In any discussion with a liberal that concerns welfare, the lib will inevitably point out that there are more white people than blacks on welfare.*

In the same discussion, they will also, inevitably, call you a racist for opposing welfare.

So - if you oppose a program that is used by more whites than blacks, you are a racist? Huh?

Liberals are too stupid to understand how stupid they are. Therefore, they think that they're intelligent.

*They will make this point regardless of whether demographics have been mentioned or not.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Prepping the Field - Like a Boss

I keep hearing people saying that the campaign to ban the word, "bossy", is just the usual silly feminist campaign, or that it's to make Michelle Obama look like less of an overbearing, entitled bitch (good luck with that).

Think about it folks: it's nothing more than the beginning of vilifying anyone who points out what an incredibly nasty harpy Hillary Clinton is.

If you criticize Shrillary during the upcoming Presidential campaign by calling her "bossy" - or anything else that points out her insane bitchiness - you will be attacked as a misogynist what is waging the "War on Womyn".

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Another Liberal Narcissist

Hero of the Left, Wendy Davis, is running for Governor of Texas. To no one's surprise, her biography is one, big lie.

The point that I'd like to address is the fact that she lost custody of her children to her now-ex-husband.

Speaking from experience, the only ways that a woman loses custody of her children are either, a) she has a serious substance-abuse problem or, b) she doesn't even try to gain custody.

I doubt that she's a drunk or a drug-addict, so she apparently didn't even try to gain custody of either of her children, including the child from her first marriage.

What kind of woman just walks away from her children because her career is more important? Wow.

This may seem like just a Texas issue, but I'm sure that her long-term goal would be national office. A woman ambitious enough to walk away from her children for her career would settle for nothing else.

Luckily, the people of Texas are smarter than that. Her chances of winning are slim-to-none.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Way to go UAW!!!

 So...FIAT now owns Chrysler Motors, locks, stock and barrel.
In related news:

Chrysler has just announced production of a new super-mini sub-compact car named in honor of President Obama. Introducing: the "Dodge Responsibility".

It has one "forward" speed (plodding), and veers erratically and unpredictably at every bump in the road. It also slams into reverse any time that it runs into a healthcare problem, and will remain that way until after the next election cycle.

It has an adjustable front suspension that will lower the front end whenever it is in the presence of a foreign leader - particularly those of the tyrannical, communist or middle-eastern persuasion.

In a revolutionary feat of engineering, It's hybrid (half-white, half-black) engine runs on hot air and racism which makes it a "green" vehicle, even though the gasses spewing from its tailpipe are extremely damaging to the social environment.

You can get it in any color that you want, as long as it is red.