Tuesday, August 09, 2005

That Was Then, This Is Now

Once upon a time there was a country in turmoil.

There were a small number of the "intellectual elite" who thought that they should be the ones in power, not the "rich-boy", inbred, religious morons who were actually running the show.

So they went on the attack, telling the semi-literate hordes that if only they were running the show, the rich would be made to share their ill-gotten gains! Equality would reign supreme! There would be free health care for all! Unemployment would be banished and the economy would grow at unprecedented levels! At the end of your working-life, the government would take care of you as a reward for all of your hard work! Food would be cheap and plentiful for all! There would be no prejudice and every person would be deemed equal to every other!

The Universities became the center of all of this Leftist thought, and from there they taught their propaganda to the younger generations.

The Leftist hordes were whipped into a frenzy of sheer, absolute, vicious hatred towards those who opposed them. Every problem was blamed on this conservative group.

Sound familiar? Well, that country was...Russia. Just before the Communist revolution.

Scary, huh? Sounds way too close to where we are now.

It's odd that the Left utterly refuses to wear the mantle of Communism, but they were promising the people then the exact same things that they're promising them now.

Do I need to mention the miserable living conditions or the 50 million people who were murdered as a result of those amoral, savage "intellectuals" who gained power by duping the "peasantry" for their own means?

As I've said before, the one mistake that they made was alienating the military during the Vietnam War. The military has hated them ever since. Thank God.

But that was a mistake of their own making because they failed to differentiate between the troops and the brass who were running the war. The "foot-soldiers" of the Left attacked the individual soldiers just as viciously as they went after the brass in the Pentagon, spitting on them and calling them baby-killers. Whether that was a mistake of the leaders or the average "hippie-on-the-street", makes no difference, although I suspect the latter.

Flash forward to today. Do you think that it's a coincidence that any Democrat or Lefty cannot mention the war in Iraq without spewing the words, "we support the troops"? They're trying to ingratiate themselves with the troops while attacking the war.

That's also why they're now trying to make out the soldiers as poor "victims" who were thrown into this war because they were poverty-stricken and had no other choice but to join the military. They're hoping that the troops will agree. Unfortunately for the Left, that also implies that the troops are too stupid to do anything else, and our soldiers know that that's not the case. Once again, Lefty arrogance is their downfall.

The politicians may say that they "support the troops" because they know that they'll never get elected if they say anything different, but the Leftist leaders are saying it because they know that they need the troops if there's ever going to be a Revolution. They learned from the mistake that they made 35 years ago.

Don't believe me? Think I'm paranoid? Think about this: what do you think the bomb-throwing, rioting Left would have done in the early 70's if the military had been on their side? Really. Think about that.

Do you think that these people who were blowing up buildings, killing people and fighting the police in the streets would have hesitated for a minute if they had tanks and trained troops? I don't. For all of their "Peace" and "Love", these people, just as today, are the most vicious elements of our society. Bar none.

Imagine if they were able to turn their verbal attacks into physical attacks. These people are so hysterical that I have no doubt about what they'd do. They've quit thinking and are now only reacting to their emotions. If they weren't such self-centered cowards, I have no doubt that they'd be joining the Islamic suicide bombers. In fact, I predict that, if they don't regain power soon, you will live to see that very thing happen.

Anyone want to bet?


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  2. Exile, you just whomped another grand slam!

  3. Exile,

    I got your Comment on my site, and I thank you very much. It's funny and probably not a coincidence that just when I'm ready to throw in the towel, I hear from complete strangers who not only encourage me, but prove to be eloquent folks on the right (i.e. correct) side of the political aisle. As a person nearly finished with their first reading of Atlas Shrugged, you've made my day.

    I plan to tell all (both) my friends about your blog, and will check in regularly. Thanks again for making my day.

  4. Admin, us Minnesota boys have to stick together. At the rate we're going we'll own the blogosphere in no time.

  5. I'm listening to Air America today; just trying to get all sides.

    My God, we're in sorry shape. When your most prominent advertiser is the WIC program, that's not a good sign.

    I'm glad my tax dollars go not only to fund WIC, but to advertise it. Don't worry, Uncle Sam: I'll make ends meet somehow. As I mentioned on my own blog today, I'll merely have to cut my donations to charity. But since the government now handles benevolence, no problem.

  6. Sorry. One nay vote entered. Oops, Felon's List. You caught me.

  7. You know Admin, I caught that today, too.

    Being a single-daddy, I thought it odd that a government program should exclude men. Is that legal?

    I actually went on their website and, yes, you have to be a woman to even apply.

    Not that I'd be real interested in the program. The last thing that I'd want is to have the government taking notice of me. But a program that's aimed toward one sex seems a bit discriminatory.

    And aren't all of these women supposed to be some poor, put-upon minority group who have no options and no one to help them?