Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thinking Ist Verboten!

Yesterday, as I was tuned in to Air Unamerican radio, a caller to Ed Schultz's show was parrotting the eternal Democrat Party line of, "Republicans always march in lockstep" and rarely disagree with one another. It was obvious that she was just another idiot who paid no attention to what was actually happening in Washington D.C. and just repeated the Democrat National Commitee talking points. That didn't surprise me.

What did surprise me (although, not much) was that Fat Eddie agreed with this woman! He agreed with her that "Republicans rarely step out of line".

This was a day or two after Bill Frist split with President Bush over stem cell research!

This moron, who has a national radio show, has apparently never heard of Olympia Snow, George Voinovich, Arlen Specter, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, John Warner...and those are just the ones off the top of my head from the Senate. I'm sure that you could come up with many more.

These Senators have went against the Republican party line on appellate judges, drilling for oil in ANWR, appointing John Bolton to the U.N., giving us private Social Security accounts and many other issues.

So why is it that Democrats vote unilaterally (they hate that word, don't they?) in all issues that matter , but Republicans are said to vote "in lockstep"? Give me an example of Democrats going against a Democrat President on multiple issues? It certainly didn't happen during Bill Clinton's administration. A bunch of them went against "Hillarycare", but they all voted with him on every other issue, including not kicking him out of office, even though he was a convicted felon!

Yet Fat Eddie Schultz, whom I have never heard called "fat" by the same people who called Rush Limbaugh fat for 15 years, agrees with a caller of obviously limited IQ who whines about Republicans always sticking together.

It just confirms my suspicion that they are your typical, lazy liberals who can't be bothered to pay attention to what's actually going on, and feel that they don't have to, because they'll get the DNC talking points in the morning paper.

Apparently this guy's "show-prep" consists of reading the New York Times' editorial page.


  1. At least no one takes your your liberals seriously. Here, they run the place.

  2. Naw!! His show prep consists of complaining that nobody has brought him coffee and donuts. I have attempted to listen to that tripe, I just can't. NPR is easier to suffer through.

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