Monday, July 30, 2007


I've figured out why the Libs are so sympathetic towards the Muslim nutpacks:

If they drag us back to the 7th century, there will be nothing to cause global warming.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

You've (Finally) Got a Friend

Thank God that somebody invented the word "buffoon", or we'd have to figure out a way to describe Michael Moore.

Watch a video of one of this fool's speeches sometimes if you have only seen clips and interviews on TV or snippets of his movies.

The impression that I always get is that he's not terribly bright, but he's at least marginally more intelligent than the vast majority of his audience. And those who do out-watt him in the intelligence department want to believe everything that he says anyway.

I've heard him described as "brilliant" many, many times. His supposed brilliance, like the vast majority of those on the Left, really has nothing to do with intelligence. It is more of a low, cunning, animal cleverness that is reminiscent of the brutes who used to run the Soviet Union (and apparently are, once again).

It's not intelligence in the 'thinking' sense. It's a completely calculated position taken by Leftists for no other reason than getting people to pay attention to them. Moore, like all of the misfits on the Left, figured out early in life how to get people to pay attention to him, if not actually like him.

After all, in their self-hating minds, nobody was ever going to like them, so just getting somebody to acknowledge their existence was the best that they could hope for.

It's so easy to see what drives these people: just think about the half-dozen or so kids in your school who seemed to do everything that they could to piss off the "normal" kids in school. They were usually sullen, depressed slobs who had absolutely no social skills whatsoever. They were sneering, arrogant, nasty little creatures who hated everyone and everything associated with "normal" kids.

Because of their personalities, they had no friends...and couldn't figure out why. They just resented everyone for not accepting them as they were. It never occurred to them to ask why anyone would ever want to hang around with somebody like themselves. It also never occurred to them to clean themselves up, try to be decent human-beings and be social. In their eyes, they were "the underdog", and everyone else was just stupid and didn't understand their brilliant, singular outlook on life. The rest of the kids were "sheep".

Fast-forward 10, 20...50 years, and you have Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnel, Noam Chomsky and many thousands of lesser-known Leftists. They are nothing more than the traumatized, resentful children that they were back in school. They never grew up, and the vast majority of them never will.

The only difference is that, after they got out of high school, they found other misfits who were just as hate-filled and resentful as they were.

Throughout their childhoods, they told themselves that they really had no desire to belong to any "clique". They didn't need other people. They were the "lone-wolves". In other words, they lied to themselves (just as they're able to lie to themselves today).

But, once they found a bunch of people whose personalties exactly matched theirs, they discarded every little bit of that thinking and grabbed on to that group of fellow misfits with a death-grip.

"I HAVE FRIENDS!!!" Not knowing what true friendship (or the loyalty that it brings) really is, they figured that the people who had suffered through the same humiliations of life that they had were...friends. And, if not, at least they weren't alone any more.

And so, they were self-inducted into the philosophy that fit them so well: all-encompassing fairness, equality, lack of prejudice and oppression...all enforced with the power of the government.

And, in addition to that, bringing down the system of the "normal kids" (i.e. America) couldn't be more suited to their mindset. They would destroy the normal, age-old sense of community for no other reason than they, personally, couldn't figure out how to operate in that community.

It's been said that "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" (I have the T-shirt), but it usually seems to be said in a half-joking way. I assure you that it's not a joke.

Liberalism/Progressivism/Leftism/Socialism/Communism...whatever the mainstream Democrats want to call themselves nowadays, they are nothing more than seriously disturbed children who have gained power in our system.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Why Did He Do It?

The lessons of history, confirmed by evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence on relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is a violation of the traditions of America .

- President Franklin Roosevelt, 1935 State of the Union speech, predicting the future of his Socialist welfare programs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We Care. No...Really!

The Left wants to destroy the healthcare system in this country. As with all Leftist movements, they want everyone to be equally miserable…except for themselves, of course.

The Kool-aid mixers (as opposed to the Kool-aid drinkers) have to look around the world and see what government-run healthcare does to the system. They have to know that it dooms many, many people to long waits, thus prolonging the pain that they must endure. From waiting for hours to get treatment for a broken bone, to waiting month after painful month for more complex procedures such as heart surgery or joint replacement, the patient is forced, by the very people who claim to care about them, to suffer needlessly. And many of them suffer for all of those months only to die before they can get help.

And those on the Left, those who claim to be the “compassionate” among us, couldn’t care less about all of the pain that millions of people will needlessly endure, because socialized healthcare serves as a means to many of their ends.

First of all, it gives them what every Leftist/Democrat craves most: Power over vast numbers of other people. And this wouldn’t be just any power…this would be the power of life-and-death over 300 million people. No drug, no sexual experience, nothing could possibly ever equal the experience of wielding that kind of power if you’re a Lefty. If the pharmaceutical industry could synthesize that feeling into drug form, every Left-winger on this earth would be an instant addict.

But, of course, under the Socialist healthcare system that drug could never be made, because the pharmaceutical companies would have no incentive to invent it.

Personally, I think that the market for prescription drugs is grossly distorted due to the insurance companies’ willingness to pay whatever cost the drug makers demand and pass the cost (and then some) on to the employer/employee’s health plan, but that’s another discussion.

But if the Lefties have their way, they will strip all profit motive from the pharmaceutical companies, because they know that even their beloved Church of the Federal Government couldn’t afford to give away free drugs…even if those companies made only modest profits. Drugs, like healthcare itself, will have to be rationed.

And you can forget about any new drugs. How many helpful drugs did the Soviet Union or China come up with? Why would the drug companies bother pouring billions into developing new drugs if they’re not going to make any profit from it?

And so, the Left will force millions more to suffer and die because of lack of what are now common drugs and because few, if any, new drugs will be created.

But the Democrats, the Leftists, don’t care about anyone else’s pain and suffering. They just want to control. They want to “screw the corporations”. Only they should have that kind of power! Because, of course, only they know how to use that power. Hey, look at how well welfare, Social Security, Medicare, etc. have turned out!

One more way that a Communist medical system advances the agenda of the Left, who worship death in every form (abortion, euthanasia, etc.), is the fact that many more people would die early and/or unnecessarily.

To those on the Left, every death is to be celebrated (unless it’s Matthew Shepard or an AIDS “victim” or a murderer on death-row) because the world is overpopulated. Paul Ehrlich's The Population Bomb dressed up a Leftist fantasy as a prediction when he “predicted” that hundreds of millions would die because of overpopulation.

And it’s really no wonder why the Left wants so many people to die: If you can reduce the population by n%, that’s just that many fewer people that their Church of the Federal Government has to take care of. Of course, it never occurs to them that they’d have n% fewer people producing things for their economy. That would require one thing that the Children of the Left have always lacked: The ability to make logical conclusions.

The Left is obsessed with Government-ru(i)n(ed) healthcare. Anyone who thought that it had gone away with Hillary’s “humiliating” defeat in 1993 has forgotten one thing: to be humiliated, one has to have a sense of humility. And to have humility, you have to believe that there is a power greater than yourself.

We Don't Have to Do What We Promised

The Democrats can’t afford to wait until September (you know, like they agreed to do) when Gen. Petraeus’ report on the Iraqi surge is due.

The full strength of the surge troops has only just arrived, and we are making amazing progress there.

If they wait until September, the good news (bad news, for them) will get out no matter how hard the MSM tries to suppress it. And, if that happens, the American people may actually get excited. There's nothing we like more than a good comeback when all looks hopeless.

They are in complete panic mode. Hence their “Pull-out-of-Iraq-Bill-of-the-Week” behavior. Their behavior is (surprise!) exactly childlike: “Well, when we agreed to wait until September we didn’t actually think that it was going to work!” I'm waiting for Harry the Re(i)d to say that he had his fingers crossed.

It’s no different than when the voters in my great state of Minnesota elected Jesse (The Mind is a Terrible Thing) Ventura as governor: Nice going, people. You just elected a (bunch of) 6-year-old(s).

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Proud Daddy

My daughter burned through the entire Harry Potter series in about a month. She's eight years old.

She asked if she could read "one of Daddy's books". She is, at this moment, laying in bed reading George Orwell's "Animal Farm".

We discussed the concepts of symbolism, Communism and Capitalism. All appropriate subjects for this book.

Assuming she doesn't become too rebellious in her teen years, she could become the Liberals' next worst nightmare.

Ann Coulter, unfortunately, can't live forever.


An anonymous source, whom we'll call 'John Thomas', has informed me that there are some very disturbing practices being perpetuated at abortion clinics in this country:

While I was an intern at various abortion clinics I witnessed some things that can only be described as horrific.

At one particular clinic it was a common practice to drape the umbilical cords from aborted babies around one's neck and ask the interns, "How do you like my tie?" The laughter was always uproarious. One nurse even suggested that we put the video on YouTube.

At another clinic in the Midwest I witnessed doctors playing soccer with the corpses of recently aborted babies on the slick, tiled floor of the operating room. They had the tiny hands of the fetuses mounted on sticks on each side of the room and would keep score by raising a finger of one of the hands whenever one would score a goal.

The Left would, of course, scoff at that "anonymous", unsourced story. But somehow, ridiculous unsourced stories by anonymous "soldiers" from Iraq, seem perfectly plausible to them.

But they "support the troops"... don't they?

Poor Val

The lawsuit brought by Valerie (Ask Me About My Covertness) Plame against the Bush administration has been dismissed. To Hell with the evidence...they're outraged (of course)!

"This case is not just about what top government officials did to Valerie and me." Wilson said in a statement. "We brought this suit because we strongly believe that politicizing intelligence ultimately serves only to undermine the security of our nation."

Translation: "This case is about getting us more publicity and more money. And if we can use the Clintonian tactic of destroying the people who showed us to be the liars that we are, so much the better!"

"But there can be no serious dispute that the act of rebutting public criticism, such as that levied by Mr. Wilson against the Bush administration's handling of prewar foreign intelligence, by speaking with members of the press is within the scope of defendants' duties as high-level Executive Branch officials," (Judge) Bates said.

Translation: "When all evidence points to the fact that Mr. & Mrs. Plame are nothing more than lying publicity hounds, their targets have the right to defend themselves."

Of course, they'll appeal the verdict. As is normal with anyone on the Left, especially those with Bush Derangement Syndrome, they are somehow able to believe their own lies.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

That's NOT the Point!

One thing that we Conservatives just cannot seem to stop doing is debating the Left on their talking points instead of the real reason behind their positions.

The Left lies. Constantly. Non-stop. Always. Its not even a matter of "if their lips are moving". If they're thinking...they're lying. Because they have repeated the Leftist talking points to themselves so often that they have forgotten (if they ever really knew) the real reason for their positions on everything.

  • Gun control: They argue this point in terms of accidental shootings and crime statistics and crazy, right-wingers who snap and kill their entire family (although they have yet to come up with an actual case of that ever happening).

    And we, on the Right bring up our own statistics belying their statistics about accidental shootings, showing that crime actually goes down with an armed populace and asking them to show one single episode of a verified right-winger snapping and killing anyone with a gun.

    Stop it!

    You know what is really behind their hatred of you and me being able to lawfully posess firearms. If you have any political leanings at all, you know that their hatred of guns has nothing to do with crime, murder or any of their other objections to them. That would mean that they actually cared about something or someone other than their political goals.

    They don't want you and me to have guns because as long as we citizens are armed, they have no chance of ever implementing their Socialist Utopia upon us. When there are a few-hundred-million guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, they know that their precious, childish dreams of "revolution" will never happen.

    We know that!!! So why do we keep arguing against their camouflage? Why? Knock it off!

    The proper procedure for arguing against a Lefty when she starts crying alligator tears about people dying from handguns is to ridicule the fact that she might actually care about people dying. Remember: these are the same people who have killed 100 million (and still counting) people in the past century. They don't care about inner-city (Libspeak for blacks) kids killing each other. The ones who kill each other aren't likely voters, anyway.

    No, what they care about is tens-of-millions of well-armed citizens who would crush them if they ever decided to try to really play "revolution".

  • And the same applies to every one of their positions.

  • Abortion: The Left's obsession with abortion has nothing to do with "a woman's right to choose" or "the health of the mother". It has everything to do with obstructing their march toward Communism. That's why NOW didn't even seem embarrassed at their hypocrisy over supporting serial-adulterer and probable-rapist Bill Clinton. For any Leftist organization, their stated objective has nothing to do with their real political goal.

    Stop arguing with them about it. Call them out for being the liars that they are.

  • Homosexuality: Again, it's about nothing more than destroying the American family, which is what holds this country together, and destroying the norms that have made this country into the greatest nation ever.

    Sure, you may love the person that you're having sex with. It's possible that you might even give your life for them. But it's much more likely that you're going to do those things for your children and the parent of your children.
    • Taxes: "We need to raise taxes so that we can take care of the less fortunate" is the usual Leftist spew. Again, these are the people who killed 100 million (and counting) people. Why does anyone really believe that they care about anything other than power?

      If you have the money to take care of yourself, you don't need them.
    We all know this. All of us. If you care enough to have a political blog, or to read a political blog, you know that this is true. From "animal-rights" to illegal aliens to global warming, we need to quit arguing about whether the science behind it is true...because we know that it isn't!

    When they speak of "global warming", we need to point out that they couldn't care less about global warming. We need to emphatically state that their goal is nothing more than a clumsy power-grab.

    Quit arguing the "facts" with these people because, not only are their "facts" wrong, but they don't even care that they're wrong.

    As Marx said, they're just a means to an end.

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    I'm Thinking of a Number...

    The new Democrat talking point is that we need to "draw down" the number of troops in Iraq to just enough to "take care of our interests".

    But they never give an actual number.

    How do they know that the number isn't 160,000?

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Cindy for President!

    To hell with Cindy Sheehan running for Nancy Pelosi's House seat...we need to get the Moonbats to scare the Democrat Party into putting her on the Presidential ticket!

    The Democrats are so afraid of the Loons in their party that it could actually happen.

    And once those Americans who pay just enough attention to the MSM to think that they know what's going on get a load of the real Cindy on the campaign trail, rats from a sinking ship wouldn't even begin to describe the flight from the Democrat Party.

    Not only that, but just think about how entertaining it would be watching her make public speeches for the next year-and-a-half! The woman makes George Bush sound like Shakespeare. We could howl in laughter as we watched the Dems fall right off the Left side of the map.

    Time to get on Kos,, etc. and plant

    A Blind Spot in Their Mirror

    The Democrats in Congress are criticizing the Iraqi government for...get this...not getting anything done!

    Oh Nancy? Oh, Harry? Could you please recount your list of accomplishments since you took over?

    They know no hypocrisy because they are absolutely blind to their own shortcomings.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    I Feel Your Pain

    Those on the Left are constantly trying to demonstrate their empathy for others for one simple reason: they don’t have any. They feel nothing for anyone…except themselves.

    That may sound like nothing more than a statement designed to dehumanize an enemy, but it’s not. It’s a simple, demonstrable statement of fact.

    They lack one of the basic elements of the human soul: the ability to care about others. Their self-centeredness is total. And somewhere, deep, down inside, they know that they’re not whole, which is why they strive so hard to show that they are. They don’t want others (or themselves) to think of them as freaks.

    Perhaps that’s why Marxism flourished the way that it did. In theory, Marxism showed compassion for everyone by making all people equal and eliminating want and need in the world.

    If you lack the inner ability to feel empathy for your fellow human beings, what better way to try to fill the void than to join a political movement that will fill it for you?

    The problem is, lacking the ability to understand the basic human ability to feel for others also leaves a person unable to understand basic human nature.

    And so, Marxism (aka Socialism, aka Progressivism, aka Leftism, aka Communism), while a wonderful theory, is doomed to failure every time that it’s tried. Unless the Left can find a few billion people in which nobody wants to have power over others, it can never work. Unless they can find all of those people, and none of them have any tendency to abuse that power, it will always fail.

    Unfortunately those who are attracted to Leftism, the very people who want to run other people’s lives, who want power at any cost whatsoever, are also those who lack empathy for their fellow human beings.

    They join the Leftist movement to make the world a Utopia, and that Utopia always ends up slaughtering millions of people. Always. Over 100 million people in the last century…and still counting in this century. Because they really have no concept of the actual, very real suffering of other people. To the self-centered Left, other people are mere objects. Pictures, words on a piece of paper, newspaper stories, TV shows, movies, videos.

    They are so obsessed with their own self-hatred and suffering in this world that they cannot feel for anyone else.

    And so you have the cold-blooded slaughters that have taken place during every Leftist “revolution” (aka political coup). Every one. There has never been a Leftist revolution in which many, many people have been tortured and murdered.

    You have “Uncle Joe” Stalin starving millions of Ukrainians to death, murdering and torturing millions of his own citizens and then quipping “The death of one person is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic”. There’s some empathy for you.

    Most of the Left today “acknowledges” that Stalin was a blood-thirsty murderer, but only because to do otherwise would make put them in the same monstrous category as him. They supported him throughout his entire reign of terror and for long afterward; until it became politically unviable to do so.

    It may have been looked on as an aberration born of ignorance, but the same thing happened with Mao Tse Tsung in China. Also with Castro and Che in Cuba. And Ho Chi Min in Vietnam. Let’s not forget Pol Pot in Cambodia, either.

    The Left didn’t want us to fight Hitler until he turned against the Soviet Union.

    The Left forced us out of Vietnam because of politics. Millions died.

    The Left talks endlessly at the United Nations about what to do in Sudan. The death-toll is well on the way to a million and there’s no indication that anything will be done soon.

    The Left passed resolution after resolution in the U.N. telling Sadaam Hussein to stop slaughtering people. Nothing was actually done. Hussein continued to torture and kill hundreds-of-thousands of people for 12 more years.

    Now the Left wants us to abandon Iraq, once again for nothing more than political advantage, knowing full well that it will result in an absolute slaughterhouse.

    The Left has condemned millions of minorities in this country to lives of dependence, misery and premature death through their social policies, and they refuse to admit their failure for the simple fact that it would hurt their egos and they would have to admit that they did it for no other reason than to try to make themselves believe that they really do care about other people.

    And yet, these people who supported the murder of over one-hundred-million people, and who are well on the way to letting millions more die, these people who have consigned probably a billion people to lives of misery and deprivation, want us to believe that they are the ones who “care” about people. That they are the ones who have empathy for their fellow man.

    What’s truly frightening is that they actually believe it.

    No wonder they hate Conservatives so much. If those on the Left can let hundreds-of-millions die, how much worse must their political enemies be?

    And there you have their belief that Conservatives are actually out to destroy the entire world.

    Monday, July 09, 2007

    Shot Across the Bow

    We need to find a Republican Senator or Congressman to put forth a bill, call it the “Fairness in Television Act” or something equally silly, that calls for any TV news or entertainment shows that use the “public airwaves” to have “balance” if they proffer any type of political views.

    Then watch the Democrat Party squirm.

    It will be a pre-emptive strike. The Democrats would have to try to explain why this would be different than the “Fairness Doctrine” that they want to impose on talk-radio. Just the thought of losing their political megaphones of Hollywood and the MSM would cause them to drop the whole issue immediately and forever.

    Because they know that without those two entities ramming their Leftist theology down America’s throat 24/7, their party could never survive.

    Sunday, July 08, 2007

    I'm Back

    Having your own domain is great. The time that is needed to keep it up is not so great.

    Therefore, after being away from Blogger for a year, I've decided to grace them with my presence once again. Blogger had its problems in the past, but the WYSIWYG interface definitely saves time. I also see that they've fixed one of my huge complaints that I had with an "autosave" feature. One of the main reasons that I bailed out of Blogger was the fact that I got sick of having my posts disappear into the ether before I posted them.

    In the upcoming days I'm going to be trying to switch Haloscan and all of the other little add-ons over to this site. I'm also going to try to customize it a bit, but that will be an ongoing thing, I'm sure. Hopefully I'll be able to post some stuff, too.

    For those of you who don't remember me, the best thing about blogging was the troll hunting. I used to get some trolls who made the Kids in the Kos look absolutely rational. Hopefully I can snare some more. It was incredibly entertaining.

    I almost forgot how easy this was. It's good to be back.

    A New Reason to Panic!

    What if the Global Warmingists have their way and they overdo it (as Leftists are known to do)? What if, through their hysteria and panic, their ideas for stopping global warming work too well? What if they send us back into another ice age?

    And all of those hydrogen-powered cars that they're talking about? What comes out of the tailpipe? Water!!! If we have millions of these things driving around, won't all of that excess water raise sea-levels? Why, the next thing we know, Manhattan will be under water!!! And frozen!!!

    Oh, sure, we can't be sure that it'll happen, but what if there's even a chance that it will? Aren't we obligated, for our children's and grandchildren's sake to do something about it before it becomes a reality?

    What we need to do is to find a bunch of scientists whose own self-interests demand that they come to a "consensus". We need to declare the Global Cooling debate over, and stigmatize anyone who disagrees as Global Cooling deniers!!!

    There is no time to waste. We need to grill more, fart more, not tune up our SUV's and lower the tire pressure so that they get worse mileage! We need to endlessly lobby the legislatures to enact anti-global-cooling laws. We need to quit recycling. We need to remove the air-scrubbing equipment from our coal plants and have them burn the most dirty coal that they can find!

    If we don't act now, most of the world will be a skating rink in 50 years! The debate is over!!!

    Do it for the children!

    Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    The Family's Going to the Dogs

    The newest member of our family, Sadie:

    She's part Beagle, Part Basset Hound, and part Husky. The different-colored eyes come from her Husky parent. Must be an evolution thing to further the species...I guess. Maybe the walrus would hesitate for a second and think, "Wow, that dog that is coming to kill me has two different-colored eyes! Freaky!"

    As much as I, as a Conservative, am supposed to desire the enslavement of my child, nothing has ever made me happier than telling Monkey-Girl that Sadie was hers.

    I'm going to have to work on that cold-hearted thing before I get kicked out of the Right-wing cabal.