Thursday, August 25, 2005


The American Princess makes a point that is just so glaringly, stupidly obvious, that everyone (myself included) seems to overlook it in their attempts at explaining to the Left that president Bush didn't lie about WMD's in Iraq.

Here goes. Ready? This is kind of like drinking a pan-galactic gargleblaster it hits you so hard. Prepare yourself. OK. Here goes.

If President Bush were so corrupt that he'd lie to the American people about going into Iraq because of Sadaam's WMD's, why didn't he just plant a bunch of WMD's once we got in there and didn't find any?

After all, someone who is that corrupt would have no compulsion against planting evidence, would he?

He could have just called in the black helicopter crowd and had them scatter nerve gas, plutonium and anthrax all over the country! The whole "Bush lied" thing would have never got started!

So why didn't he?

Any Lefties care to answer that one?

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