Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wanted: Adult Moderator

Everyone who believes in global warming, raise your hand!

A few years back, my daughter used to do that: "Whoever wants ice cream, raise your hand!"

If the Dhimmocrats want to use their fellow children as moderators, all well and good. But when are Republicans just going to say, "enough!"?

Good for Fred Thompson for finally putting the hostile little girl from The Des Moines Register in her place. When Liberals act like nasty little children, they should be treated like nasty little children.

It's just too bad that they waited until the last debate. They all should have done that from the beginning.

At the very least, Republicans should insist on at least one moderator in each debate who isn't a liberal trying to make Republicans look bad.

That way, we'd at least have some adult supervision.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Gee...What a Shock

Nobody on the Right will be surprised that Al Gore is willing to sacrifice the economy of America, the freedom of Americans and God only knows how many lives in third-world countries for his insatiable ego. After all, he's a Liberal. And, given the chance, that is what all Liberals would do.

Al Gore has come under fire for making personal gain from his mission to save the planet – after charging £3,300 a minute to deliver a poorly received speech.

The former American Vice-President was also accused of being "precious" at the London event, demanding his own VIP room and ejecting journalists, despite hopes the star-studded gathering would generate publicity for the fight against global warming.


"Al uses his position for great personal gain. He goes from event to event delivering a similar speech, earning a large fee, and a lot of the time he doesn't actually inform the audience.

"He refused to speak to journalists and security would usher away VIP guests and the Press.

"He was being very precious and demanded his own VIP room before the event, where he held his own exclusive reception.

"The other guests were cut off. It was very clear that many guests were disappointed by this."

The only people who will be surprised by this are his fellow disciples/Liberals who believe that Saint Algore can do no wrong. They are, of course, the same people who were surprised every time that Bill and Hillary were caught lying.

They are, of course, the same people whom Lenin called "useful idiots".

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

But...That's Different!

Let me guess: The National Intelligence Estimate saying that Iran has stopped it's nuclear-weapons program will be taken as Gospel by the Left.

But, the intelligence that said that Sadaam Hussein had WMD's was "cooked up" by the Bush Administration as an excuse to attack Iraq and steal all of their oil (which, by the way, we seem to be still waiting for...).

And yet, the Liberals will see no contradiction whatsoever.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.