Monday, August 08, 2005

Even more Random Musings

- The Left always says that we need to find the “root cause” of terrorism before we can deal with it. Well, you can stop looking because I found it: it’s called the Koran.

- Muslims had lost power for 1000 years before they went insane and started terrorizing people.

The Democrats have been out of power for just over 10 years and they’ve already gone insane.

I don’t think they’ll wait 990 years to begin their jihad.

- Could someone tell me why Iran would want nuclear power plants? They have all of the oil that they want…for free! Why does anyone on this earth entertain the idea that they want nuclear power for “peaceful means”? There's a point where "diplomacy" becomes "idiocy".

- The Left is constantly sneering that Conservatives hate gays because, deep down, they fear that they, themselves are gay.

Using that logic, couldn’t we say that feminists who bitch about being “controlled by the Patriarchy” might, deep down, fear that they would like being controlled by men?

- For every foreign insurgent that we catch in Iraq, we should launch one Tomahawk at a military target in his home country. How long do you think it would take for these countries to get their people under control?


  1. Exile,
    You got it right about the root cause' of terrorism! The Koran is what the jihadists use as their military manual. Irshad Manji, a Muslim albeit an apostate one by Koranic definition, pointed out the same problem in an essay in Time Magazine.

    BTW, you might enjoy "Did You Know?" over at my blog. I think the post date was August 5.

  2. An "apostate" is pretty much defined as, "anyone who thinks that it might be wrong to stone a woman to death for being raped", right?

  3. On January 24th and 26th you decry the Left's tendencies toward namecalling and childishness and then you post a myriad of "musings" full of nothing but hate and ignorance...the calling cards of the third grade bully.

    You're amazing!

  4. Don't you just love the people who call you out anonymously?
    I have one word for those folks... and it ain't printable.

  5. Anonymous thinks you're amazing. I think you're amazing, too. Your last point was spot on.


  6. Awesome on the last point as well. I think that was perfect. Phone the Pentagon...Now!

  7. Anonymous,

    I challenge you to point out one instance in those posts where I "decry" namecalling. I have nothing against namecalling. In fact, I think it serves a very useful purpose. Especially when it comes to gutless wonders who post anonymously.

    I also challenge you to point out any "hate and ignorance" in my "musings". Please be specific. I'm sure that you'll have to twist the logic terribly to come up with specific instances, because "hate and ignorance" are nothing more than parrot phrases of the Left. But have at it.

    "Third grade bully"? I find it extremely funny that, if you had actually read those posts from January, you would refer to me as a "bully".

    As I said in those posts, the fact that the Left's worst charge is that someone is a "bully" shows that they are still, emotionally, children and have never progressed past their trauma on the playground.

    I go to the most whacked out (namecalling! namecalling!) left-wing blogs that I can find. I have never posted anonymously. Never. In fact, I make damned sure that they can get ahold of me. I'd bet that that's how you found me in the first place.

    Why? Because I have what is called "the courage of my convictions". I believe completely in what I say, because I don't have to filter it through layers of justification as you on the Left do. I welcome the debate because, deep down, I know that I'm right.

    Posting anonymously shows nothing more than utter cowardice. I could filter out anonymous comments, but I don't because, again, I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe. Besides, it's fun to pick you people apart.

  8. Anonymous sure showed you, Exile! Dude, WWF Smackdown quality in that comment, Anon. Righteous, Dude! You're, like, AWESOMME! AWSOM! AWSUM! However you spell it, my main man, you are IT! ROCK ON! POWER TO THE FUCKIN' PEOPLE, MAN! The Dude WILL abide, man. He will ABIDE, man. I swear to FUCKIN' GOD he'll abide, man. Peace out.

  9. P.S., my brother. If I'd known how...effing...HOT E.M. Zabriski...Zasnotti...Zamboni... know the chick I'm talkin' bout...She's not only got brains, man...

    She's got a severe case of "hotness" goin' on. That Catholic school girl thing. It ROCKS!!!

  10. Hey Exile,

    Instead of attacking my method of posting anonymously, why aren’t you trying to engage me in a discussion of fact? Why not try to defend any of the claims you make in your musings? For example,

    “The Left is constantly sneering that Conservatives hate gays because, deep down, they fear that they, themselves are gay.”

    Find me a quote to support that claim. Then let’s talk about why you think gay people have such a hard time in this country. I am interested to learn from someone with your worldview how we could go about addressing and resolving the problems of the homosexuality community in this country. More than anything, though, I am interested in civil discourse, which is why I began with the relatively neutral ground of language choice.

    I’m going out of town for a few days, but when I’m back, check your ID post.

  11. I've heard the "Conservatives are afraid that they may be gay" line so many times, I couldn't count them.

    Why I think that gay people have such a hard time? I don't think that they have a hard time. In fact it's been shown that gays, on average, have a higher standard of living than most people in this country. And from what I've seen, I believe it.

    I have nothing against gay people. Really. I don't think that they're automatically going to hell. Not at all. In fact I know people that I'd consider among my friends who are gay.

    But these aren't the people who are marching in parades and insisting that we 'celebrate' their sexual choice. I never insist that they celebrate mine.

    Other than a few very extreme religious people and ignorant rednecks, gays are accepted by the vast, vast majority of people in this country.

    Other than AIDS, which is a behavioral disease, the rest of the "problems" of the "gay community" are in their heads. They have every right that I do and, while some people are made uncomfortable by the "flamers", they are rarely discriminated against any more. But giving up that "victimhood" staus is a hard thing to do.

    And, because of the Spamming of my comment section, I no longer allow anonymous postings. I'm sure that you'll think that this is a not-so-clever way of getting out of this discussion, but you can read my recent comments if you care to.

    I'd love to carry on this discussion, but you're going to have to "grow a pair" and either sign in or e-mail me in the future.