Saturday, March 18, 2006

I Live!!!

To all of you who have written me lately wondering whether I'm still alive, I assure you that I am.

Unfortunately, my personal life has become so complicated and busy that I have little time to pay attention to politics and even less time to blog. While I believe that the political health of this country is probably more important than it has ever been, the prospect of reuniting my family trumps that consideration. Besides, you people can do it just as well as I can, and usually better.

To those of you who care, the reconciliation process between my ex-wife and I seems to be going better than it was, but there are still things to be worked out, and we're taking it slowly, because to do otherwise would make the whole endeavor futile.

Princess, Bob, Echo, UAW Guy, and the rest...thanks for checking in. It means a lot. Your prayers are welcome.

I'm sure that I'll be back one day. Hopefully soon, but my family and my personal life will always take precedence over whatever I think about politics.

Rant at ya soon,

-The Exile