Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Suicide Pawn

When Yasser Arafat was alive, he would say one thing in English to the West, and say the exact opposite to his followers in Arabic. This two-faced behavior went on for years and, no matter how often it was pointed out to the MSM and the rest of the Left, they refused to believe it. There were written and recorded transcripts, but they just could not admit to themselves that this man, whom they had built up to be a “man of the people”, would actually lie to them.

Al Qaeda has apparently taken this page from Arafat’s book.

They constantly tell the MSM and the West that they are fighting this war because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to “infidels” “occupying” Muslim holy lands. They also like to throw in the “oppression” of Muslims in the world for good measure.

And the MSM and the Left swallow these lies whole because they, too, believe these things (although I probably shouldn’t have used the word, “too” there, because the terrorists believe no such thing). Doesn’t it seem a bit coincidental that what the terrorists are saying exactly matches what the Left has been saying since about two days after 9/11?

Just as Ho Chi Minh used the Left as willing, even eager, pawns to undermine Americans’ support for the Vietnam war, Al Qaeda has taken a page from their book, too.

There is overwhelming evidence that this present-day attack by Muslims on the West is nothing more than a continuation of the one that had supposedly ended hundreds of years ago. The Muslims were trying to take over the world then, and they are trying to take over the world now. There is more than ample documentation of it. Bin Laden himself has said it over and over to his own troops.

But again, the Left swallows the line that is being fed to them instead of looking at the evidence. Why? Because they are always for “the little guy”. The “underdog”. No matter what. Even if these people are demented, disgusting murderers of innocent women and children, they are still the little guy and therefore will be supported by the Left at all costs.

And that is the reason that they always “blame America first”: because America can never be the little guy. The Left has taken this belief in “the little guy” to heart so deeply that it has turned psychopathic. It is, not unlike the homicide bombers, suicidal behavior.

But the Left will have trouble finding even one virgin where they’re going.

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