Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Vive Le Arrogance!

From the London Telegraph:

France performed a historic about-turn yesterday and abandoned the European Union constitution to its fate, dropping demands that other nations ratify the treaty.

Is it any wonder that the entire world sees these losers as arrogant? They couldn't pass the Socialist Constitution, but they demand that other countries do so.

Who the hell are they to demand anything from anybody? They seem to think that they are the natural rulers of the EU, which is supposed to be a Democratic body.

You'd think that they'd be a little more humble after having their bacon saved countless times since the country was founded. To paraphrase a very intelligent lady that I know, they only won the French Revolution because they were fighting themselves. It's a wonder both sides didn't surrender.

I taught my daughter French this weekend while we were at the cabin.

I said, "Repeat after me: I surrender!"

She said, "I surrender".

I told her that that was all the French that anyone needed to know. She didn't get the joke, but it got under my Democrat mother's skin, so that was OK. I love mom dearly, but she just doesn't get it.

If I'm not mistaken, the very word 'arrogance' comes from the French.

Anyone who ever suggests that the French are our allies in my presence should be prepared to be smirked at.


  1. Just smirked at? You have far more patience than I, my friend.

  2. Both sides probably did surrender. That's why they can claim that they won that one. Either way you look at it, the other side got a sound whupping.

    Somebody took my comment to heart and created this awesome website: