Thursday, June 16, 2005

Un-American Senatorial Traitors

To Dick Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Joe Biden, Charles Rangel, Amnesty International Al Gore, Michael Moore, the MSM and all the rest, there can be but one reply:

"Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type make me puke. You vacuous, toffee nosed, malodorous pervert!" (Thanks, Graham)

All of these traitors want Gitmo shut down? Great. Let's shut it down and fly all of the prisoners back to Afghanistan where we'll drop them off in the middle of the country. Then we'll have a few options:

a) This time take no prisoners for the Left to whine about.
b) Take them prisoner, but hand them over to the Afghanis.
c) Just let the Afghan forces deal with them as they see fit.

Either way the official U.S. policy (call it the Democrat Appeasement Policy) should, from now on, be: "prisoners taken will no longer be the responsibility of any U.S. official, civilian or military". Which means we hand them over to whichever country we happen to catch them in or the nearest allied country.

When the Democrats start whining about that, just say, "Hey, we closed Gitmo like you wanted us to".

Our unofficial policy should just be: "take no prisoners". Hell, these guys are just itching to see Allah and get their 72 virgin camels anyway, aren't they?

Torture, my ass. I was sitting at a stoplight this afternoon, hotter than hell, when a car pulled up next to me blaring rap music. Not 1/2 hour earlier I had been listening to the charges of the "detainees" having to sit in the heat and being forced to listen to rap music! I wasn't being tortured; this was just my daily commute! And I wasn't even offered glazed chicken for dinner!

When's the last time that you heard any of these Democrat morons say anything bad about any of these Muqtars who were trying to kill our troops? Me either.

All of the Republicans in Washington and most of them in the (new) media seem to be afraid to call these people un-American. Well, I have no qualms about it. Not only are they un-American, but they're traitors in a time of war, and should be stuck in Gitmo as soon as we empty it out.

These people are United States Senators; one of the most esteemed positions that can be obtained in this country. You would think that they would at least like this country.

It doesn't matter if Moonbeam Schwartz down at the coffeshop goes on a ranting screed, but these guys are United States Senators. They should at least have some class, some tact and some diplomacy.

But that's where the entire Left is today, including the Democrat base. They have no class, no tact, and the only diplomacy that they like is at the U.N. They're a bunch of shrieking children whose favorite toy (i.e. power) has been taken away from them; only instead of calming down after awhile like most children, these guys just keep cranking up the volume and go on for years.

I've said it before, but I think that it's worth repeating: have you noticed that the phrase "hate-filled Republican" is rarely heard anymore? Using that phrase in today's political climate would be hypocrisy that's too obvious for even the Left to ignore. They know that everyone would laugh at them, and these children, like all children, hate to be laughed at.

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  1. It's brutal when the babies don't get their peanuts, huh?
    Oh, I thought you wanted an argument. This is abuse.