Friday, June 17, 2005

Talk Talk

I was reading a bunch of articles about "Air UnAmerican" today in which the commentators were trying to figure out why it's ratings are below that of the Carribean music station that it replaced in New York.

They all cited the boring hosts, the Left's excuse that their ideas are "too complicated for radio" (although, apparently, not for TV, where thinking is optional), the lack of a need for Lefty radio with all of the other left-wing media outlets out there, but they never hit the real reason why Lefty talk-radio always fails. I got the impression that some of them may have wanted to make this point, but they were too polite.

The Left always accuses the Right of being "mind-numbed robots" who get their marching orders from Rush Limbaugh. Why do they say that? It's because that's how it works in their world!

As I've said very recently, the DNC faxes out copies of their talking points to the NY Times and all of the other liberal media outlets and everyone on the Left just repeats them.

They figure that that's how we operate, too.

When I listen to talk radio, I don't need Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Dennis Praeger or anyone else to tell me what I think about an issue. I already know what I think because I have beliefs and principles that go beyond the Left's "Power At All Costs". Some (but not all) of them are even based on (gasp!) religion.

I suspect that most, if not all, of the Lefties out there know (or strongly suspect) that what they're being told and what they're saying is nothing more than a Marxist "means to an end". They need marching orders because they know that they can't come right out and say that they want America to be a Communist country. Not Socialist...Communist. Whether they admit it or not... hell, whether they know it or not, that is what they're aiming for. And I strongly suspect that many of them don't even know it. But they need to be told how they should spin their lies.

Talk radio for me serves as a springboard to form my own thoughts about an issue. Instead of parroting what Rush says, it gets me thinking about issues and going beyond what he says. Alot of my posts here on this blog are extensions of what I've heard on talk-radio. Not parroting, but extensions. Things that I wish the host would have said. In other words, they make me think about issues.

And there you have the reason that liberal radio talk shows always fail. These people can't be bothered to think. Most of them are college people who have learned that it's easier to just believe what you're told than to actually think for yourself.

The insecure children of the Left don't really think that they're smart enough to form their own opinions on issues. Deep down, they think that the "grown-ups" of their movement need to tell them what they think so that they don't say a "bad word".

Unfortunately for them, even their "grown-ups" are children.


  1. I gave this a hype at the homestead. It is too on-target not to hype. Terrific!

  2. You make excellent points.
    The biggest problem is that the whole premise of the left is never growing up and never taking responsibility for yourself.
    They've never moved beyond their teenage 'rebel' years and they are still looking askance at the 'establishment', scrambling to find things to fight against instead of finding valid, workable ideas to embrace.

  3. I thought moonbats were supposed to be free thinkers?

  4. Great rant! Personally, I think a big reason liberal radio fails is that their positions are backed more on emotion and "feel-good"isms then on actual logic. That flies well on TV, but radio audiences are usually just a bit too engaged for that...

  5. Bullseye! Great post. Try getting into a discussion with a Leftist about their fundamental beliefs and the support for them. The farther down you try to drill, the more you realize that their intellectual (and moral, if they even recognize the concept) pilings are built on a foundation of sand.

  6. Great post.

    The left will never understand that conservative talk radio is like Radio America--or whatever that radio station was called that the U.S. beamed into Russia, or that the Allies beamed into Europe during Nazi occupation. It is our only link, aside from the internet, to sane and rational thought.