Friday, June 03, 2005

No Personal Attacks, Moron!

This has to be the perfect storm of the blindness of the Left to their own hypocrisy. It's from my friend, bob, at either orr's comment section and can be found here. Unfortunately my reply turned into a post. May bob forgive me.

The Exile said...

ndp nadine said:

Jonah Goldberg is a rabid anti-Canadian and all his rationale is cheap and petty, kinda like that geek Tucker Carlson.

The political discourse is so nasty, personal and franky, immature, condescending and petty .

And as for Jonah, would he have gotten this far in his career without his mommy's help?

Nadine, do you really not see the hyposrisy of your whining about "personal" attacks and what you've written?

Accusing Jonah Goldberg of being "cheap and petty" and calling Tucker Carlson a geek seems like a pretty personal attack to me.

Implying that Jonah Goldberg would have gotten nowhere without "his mommy's help" is the definition of a "nasty, personal and franky, immature, condescending and petty" attack.

Here's one for you: Nadine, you are an idiot. That may be a personal attack, but it is not nasty, immature, condescending or petty.

It is emininently true and proveable by the above.

And, for good measure, just let me add that you are a hypocrite blind to her own hypocrisy, like all of the Left are. Again, if you need a source, just reread your post.

UPDATE: I just tried to follow the link to Nadine on bob's blog and, of course, there's no way to contact this little troll. Just another chickenshit Lefty that can't handle a debate.


  1. Nice digs, found you via the Princess... just added you to the 'roll, stop by if you get a chance...

  2. FYI - Nadine has now spread her trollery to Canadianna's blog. And your comments are yours - if you need to blog 'em, you're always welcome to do so.

  3. Please tell me you penned her into the Blogging Tories, Bob. The last think I need is another troll. I thought, hey!, the kind of publicity that comes with the Cotillion is great. But noooooo. What did I get? People bashing my dang blog all over the internet superhighway. Of course, I did get a free pass to see Star Wars out of it, so maybe its not so bad.