Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pravda of the Midwest

Why is this the lead story on the front page of The Star Tribune?

Eleanor Mondale begins battle with brain cancer

For the vast majority of you out there who have no idea who Eleanor Mondale is, she's the daughter of former VP Walter Mondale (aka the guy who lost 49 states to Ronald reagan).

This guy was washed up 20 years ago. His last claim to fame was running against our esteemed Senator Norm Coleman when Paul Wellfare...err...Wellstone's plane crashed and they actually figured that Mondale had a chance.

(I have a theory about what caused Wellstone's plane to crash: everyone was sitting on the left side, causing it to flip. Either that or it had no right wing.)

The only reason that they thought that Mondale would have a chance against Coleman is because, unlike the mainstream Minnesotan, the Left in this state worships this loser. Hence, the Red Star Tribunal running it's lead story on Eleanor.

If this were some Republican politician who was washed up 20 years ago, do you think that they'd be running a story about his daughter on page 1? To give them the benefit of the doubt, they mayhave run a couple of paragraphs on the back page of the Metro section, but even that is highly doubtful.

And to show you what we have in this city for a newspaper, here's part of the sub-head on an op/ed piece that took up about 85% of the second page of the op/ed section:

"From the loud denunciations he provoked, you'd think that Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill, had called President Bush a Nazi."

Well, didn't he?

They then go on to print the entire text of Durbin's speech, which they think somehow proves their point that Durbin did nothing wrong.

And, of course, their lead editorial was about (what else?) Dick Durbin and how he shouldn't have apologized because he was right...err...correct.

So, all in all, about 3/4 of todays op/ed section was spent defending the indefensible Dick Durbin.

For all of you out there who think that the New York Times is the epitome of Leftist thinking, try reading this rag sometime.

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