Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh God! Please stop. You're killing Me!

The Red Star Tribunal reported this story with absolutely no sense of irony. I honestly don't think that they even noticed the irony or, knowing them as I do, they never would have reported it.

It's about two enviropussies trying to call attention to global warming. They were forced to quit because the conditions became too winter-like!

Amid a stretch of extraordinarily heavy snowfall, strong winds and broken and shifting ice, the two men from Grand Marais, Minn., who had hoped to become the first adventurers to cross the Arctic Ocean in summer, abandoned their expedition Thursday after advancing only 45 miles in 24 days.

Conditions were so treacherous, in fact, that the men, who had hoped to make the crossing to call attention to global warming and the receding polar ice cap, couldn't be picked up and airlifted out by helicopter until Friday.

"The weather conditions deteriorated so significantly that it was putting them at risk," said Jane Kochersperger, a spokeswoman for the environmental group Greenpeace, which cosponsored the expedition.

Dupre, 44, and Larsen, 34, were en route to Moscow and not available for interviews, Kochersperger said.

Is anyone surprised that they're on their way to Moscow? Russia is obviously on it's way back to Communism. Maybe they figure that they can defect before the fact.

This reminds me of a few years ago when we had 20 below zero wind chills in Minnesota in May and the local envirowimps blamed it warming! Apparently, one of their more intelligent members came up with the theory that because the weather down south was warmer, it somehow created colder weather up here (I say more intelligent because even coming up with a theory is beyond most of them).

They never explained exactly how that could happen. They couldn't. None of them know anything about how the ecosystem actually works. I'd bet huge amounts of money that I know more about the science of environmental dynamics than any of them do.

But that doesn't matter. That's what they feel.

These people are idiots. They are just, plain stupid. The scary thing is, the people who believe them are even more stupid. And they can vote!


  1. What we need to do is put all the envirofascists into a reality show... "Antarctica"! (or do you think maybe Hibbing would be enough to chill them out good?)

  2. The media told me that everything causes Global Warming. Obviously we're screwed.

    Unless we vote a Democrat into office. Like when Clinton came into office. Then by the grace of the golden media pen...everything will be fine.

  3. Yeah, kind of like when the whole "homeless" problem went away for 8 years.