Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Have You Seen Me?

I was pouring myself a glass of cool, refreshing milk this morning when, who’s picture do I see on the side of the carton but…Michael Moore’s!

Needless to say, it was a gallon carton, and the picture still wrapped around 3 sides of it.

It seems that he hasn’t been seen since early November of 2005, after the Democrat Party used him like a $10 hooker and then wouldn’t return his calls. Can you imagine the awkwardness if they ever bump into each other?

Moore: You said you’d call me

Democrat Party: Hey, I really meant to, but I’ve been so busy lately.

Moore: Oh yeah, right. So all those nice things you said about me were bullshit just to get me in bed with you?

Democrat Party: No! Not at all! But hey, listen, I have a really important meeting I have to get to. I’ll call you, OK?

I thought that I saw him on TV last night, but it turns out that it was only Cartman on South Park. I only thought that it was Moore because Cartman was throwing a tantrum and screaming, "Respect my authoritah!" like the 8-year-old that he is.

That, and the other kids were calling him "fatass".


  1. You sure it was Michael Moore on your milk container, and not just a cow? :)

    One would think with the insane rhetoric that the dems have been throwing around lately that MM would fit right in with the agenda.

  2. If it was a cow, it was the ugliest damned bovine I've ever seen. And it had glasses and a baseball cap on.