Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tell Me They Wouldn't

I had a couple of people e-mail me asking if I thought that I might not be going a bit overboard yesterday in suggesting that the Left in this country might be willing to kill people for power.

My reply was that the very people that got us to pull out of Vietnam and then refused even financial help to the South Vietnamese, are the same ones who are calling for us to pull out of Iraq now.

When the Democrats in Congress refused to help the South Vietnamese financially after we left, after we had promised that we would still help them stave off the North, they condemned about 1 million people to death.

And they did it for no other reason than political power. It was what their moonbats wanted and it's what they got.

And now they want us to leave Iraq. Why? For no other reason than to show that they still have some power and to strike a blow against Bush. In other words, for political power.

What do you think would happen in Iraq if we pulled out now? I'd say easily another million people dead over there.

Don't tell me that these people aren't willing to kill for power. They're just too chickenshit to get their hands dirty and try it over here because they know they'd get their asses handed to them.

They say that the war has killed over 100 thousand Iraqis. Well, even if that were true, it would be nothing compared to the slaughter that would result were we to leave now. They're so concerned about the supposed 100,000, but they can't look far enough ahead to see the additional 900,000 that would die. They can't link! They cannot see logical progressions!

That figure of 100,000 dead Iraqis was put out by some moron Lefty doctor in a medical journal and, as always happens with the Left, they took it and ran with it. He may as well said that 1 million Iraqis had died. The Left would have parrotted that, too. Because any fact that supports their side is automatically taken as gospel.

As has been pointed out so many times that even I'm getting sick of it, these people have no logic and never actually think about the talking points that are handed to them. Propaganda works on these people. If it sounds good, do it.

These people are idiots. Many of them are well-educated idiots, but they are idiots nonetheless.

The prospect of these people ever forming our policies is absolutely terrifying. The childishness of the Clinton years was bad enough. If these people ever regain power, it's going to be the Clinton years with a vendetta against half of the people in this country.

And these people are willing to kill to get their way if they think they can get away with it. I stand by that statement now and forever.


  1. Well said. I would add that even if the 100, 000 number had any validity, it is nothing compared to the casualties of the previous regime over there, not to mention the number of deaths that would likely have occurred by continuing to basically ignore that regime, like we had been the 10 years leading up to this war.

  2. Good post. Might I also add to your list: John F'ing Kerry and his testimony before Congress about military atrocities. "In a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan..." How many of our servicemen resisted torture in North Vietnam only to hear Kerry condemning them? The man filmed his military excursions to launch a political career!--and then when the public perception turned against the war he just modified his message. They have no shame.

  3. Are the 100,000 actually Iraqis? My guess is that even if that number comes close, many of those killed are mercenaries from other Islamic countries that have been pouring in to kill Americans. Somebody hand me a tissue. I'm all choked up.


  4. RG, the Left is claiming that that number reflects collateral (civilians) damage in addition to Iraqi troops.

    The more accepted number is about 20,000.