Saturday, June 25, 2005


OK. I finally got around to putting a photo of myself up on this blog. Probably not quite what most people would expect of a right-wing extremist.

Which leads me to a funny story.

A few months back, some little wannabe hippie in a tiny little car was aggresively tailgating me, probably because I have Bush/Cheney, NRA and a couple of other stickers on the Jeep.

It wasn't because I was going too slow or anything. When he finally got in front of me, his car was covered in anti-Bush stickers.

When we both hit a stoplight, he looked over at me like he wanted to say something, but very quickly found a new fascination with the roadway in front of him.

He was probably expecting some fat, balding businessman ala Karl Rove, but when he saw the guy with spiked hair, leather jacket and wrap-around shades smirking at him, he apparently decided that getting his ass kicked for 'the cause' wasn't worth it.

Yeah, it's macho bullshit, but it made my day.

Anyway, for those of you with any computer skills, this picture will lead you deeper into my life. Those of you who like me are more than welcome. Those of you who don't should understand that I have a small arsenal.

Either way, come on in.


  1. You don't look 40. You look, well, damn fine.


  2. (Long time reader, first time poster. I love your blog.)

    Dude, you just need a Harley.

    PS. Garage Logic all the way ;-)

  3. Had a Harley. Seemed to do nothing but get me in trouble. Or maybe it was the people I was hanging out with.

    Many of them had patches on the back of their jackets that said things like "Hell's Angels" or "Grim Reapers" or "BPM".

    The pic is a few years old, but I haven't changed much.

    And yes, Rob, Soucheray is the man.

  4. Woo! Looks like you've got a bit of a fan club, you stud!


  5. I've never posted, but I've been reading your blog for a while. Nice picture! Keep the posts comming!