Monday, June 13, 2005

Intellectual Loafers

If there's one thing about the Left and the Democrats that really drives me nuts, it's their absolute insistence that they are the party of the thinking man (er...person), while the Right are just "mind-numbed" robots marching in lockstep to whatever Rush Limbaugh says.

You don't even have to look closely at the issue to see the lie in their stance:

Amnesty International compares Guantanomo to the Soviet Gulags.

Charlie Rangel compares the Iraq war to the Holocaust.

Teddy Kennedy claims that Abu Ghraib is "open under new management".

It takes any rational, thinking, informed person approximately 1/2 second to see the utter ridiculousness of such statements. How intellectually lazy would you have to be not to immediately see what a load of male bovine excrement those statements are?

I don't even believe that the leaders of the Left who put out statements like that believe them but, with their usual contempt for the sheep who follow them, they say these things knowing that their flock will run with them and believe every word of it.

1/2 second of thought would show these people that they're being fed a load of garbage. If they thought at all. But they don't.

The Democratic National Committee faxes their talking points to the New York Times, The LA Times, all of the Networks, Air UnAmerica and the rest who give out the buzzwords and spin to the sheep who propagate it amongst themselves.

It's like in the 2000 campaign when, all of the sudden, the obscure word "gravitas" was everywhere! Does anyone think that that was a coincidence?

(I'd like to tap into the DNC's fax line and send out the word, "Baaa!" sometime. Then we could watch them all run around screaming, "Baaa! Baaa! Baaa!" like the sheep they are.)

I don't even think that most of these people are stupid (I could be wrong). I think that they are just so incredibly lazy that they can't be bothered to think about these things.

Everyone (everyone!) thought that Sadaam Hussein had WMD's. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, France, Germany, The name it. There are documented quotes from hundreds of people on the Left saying that they, too, believed that Hussein had WMD's. These quotes go right up to the time when we actually got in there and didn't find any.

Then, suddenly, all of these people turned 180 degrees and said that Bush lied. He was the only one that believed that Hussein had the WMD's. Worse: unlike all of these people on the left, he didn't really believe that the WMD's were there but just used them as an excuse to attack Iraq.

How much thinking can you really be doing when your leaders are all repeatedly telling you one thing for 11 years and then one day they tell you the opposite? And you believe them. Especially when there are thousands of undeniable quotes from these same leaders? How "1984" is that?

I take it back. These people are stupid.


  1. Sesame Street got it right when they featured:

    Baa-bwa Walters and
    Meryl Sheep

    (I'm serious!)

  2. For all the crap that they give Republicans about adopting the party line, trying to get a liberal off the talking points is like trying to push Rosie O'Donnell off a cliff. In the end, its just physically exhausting, and you have to give up, even though the world would be far better for it.

    Take my troll (please). Norah has decided that Planned Parenthood's sole responsibility is to provide free birth control. And no matter how many times I reply, no matter how many times I attempt to make her see the light, there is just no way this chick is going to change her mind. At the point where I firmly believe she has been totally and completely brainwashed like on of those zombies in a 50s horror flick.

  3. There was some guy a while back (who was that guy anyway?) that had the theory that lefties are just a bunch of children. Intellectually that is what we have here. Too busy in their childish fantasies to take a serious to look at reality. If you don't like the way a debate is going just cover your ears and say lalalalalala, I can't hear you.
    Bush lied, Halliburton! Halliburton! Halliburton!

    Really does any of it surprise you?