Monday, June 27, 2005

Governmentalist Fundamentalism

This post is inspired by a rant that I unforunately went on in the American Princess' comments section regarding her post on the Left trying to wipe out Christianity. I ain't done so I'll continue it here.

In it she lists many wonderful reasons and examples of why the Left is so intent on ridding this country of Christianity. The one bit that I think was missed (or maybe all of what she said comes down to the same thing) is more fundamental than that. As in "fundamentalism".

You hear that word used quite a bit when referring to the Right, as in "fundamentalist Christian". You even hear it being used to describe Islam, as in "Islamic fundamentalists". But you never hear it said about the Left.

I believe that the Left is even more fundamenatlist than the 8th century Muslims we are fighting.

At least the Muslims have a big, thick book listing the fundamentals of their religion, just as Christians do.

The Left doesn't need a book. The fundamental principle of their religion can be summed up in one stupefyingly grotesque, unthinking sentence: "All that is good flows from the all-powerful Government".

And make no mistake, their goal is exactly the same as that of the Islamofascists: to wipe the competing religion of Christianity from the face of the Earth. Why do you think that they're so sympathetic to them? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend".

The Muslims are attacking America for one reason. We are the largest Christian nation on Earth.

It's not because we are oppressing them, it's not because we're not sharing our wealth with them, it's because we are Christians. Although everyone likes to tiptoe around the fact, this is a continuation of the Muslim invasion of the west that has been going on for hundreds of years. It was only the Crusades that pushed them back and saved any chance of enlightenment (not Enlightenment) for the world.

If France were the biggest Christian nation, they would be the ones under attack. Same with Germany, Spain or any other country.

In the same vein, the Left attacks Christianity in this country for one reason: It is the largest, most powerful religion in this country. If Buddhism were the largest religion in the country, the Left would be attacking them. And for the same reason.

Allah/Government shall be the only God. All others are false Gods and their followers shall either be converted or killed.

Isalm is trying to kill us, but I have no doubt that the Left would be attempting the same thing if they thought that they could get away with it. I firmly believe that we could be in the same place that Russia was in 1917. The only reason that we're not is because the leaders of the Left in this country made two fatal flaws:

1) They have so turned their people against guns that they have no means of starting a Revolution. They have demonized firearms for so long, that even their unthinking masses would probably notice if they suddenly told them to pick up a gun and join the fight. And most of their people are actually deathly afraid of guns thanks to the Left's backfired propaganda.

Why do you think they're trying so hard to disarm the rest of us?

2) They severely miscalculated when they turned against the military to gain political power. Now they have some political power (though they seem to be losing that, too) but no military power. Back in 1917 it may have been possible for a bunch of peasants to overthrow an army armed with the same weapons that they had, but now they're looking at a high-tech army that can't be defeated with handguns and deer rifles.

And that army despises the Left.

I know that the preceding sounds like moonbat conspiracy theory, but do you have any doubt that the tone of the Left in Russia in 1917 was any worse than the screaming, infantile hatred that we see today? I don't. I don't see how it possibly could be. It has surpassed even the worst political disagreement and become fanatical, murderous hatred.

No different than that of the Islamic terrorists. The only difference is that many of Allah's followers are willing to die for their God. In this country, the Left's God is secular and the followers of Governmentalism are too enamored of themselves and their lives to take much risk without some re-propagandizing.

Therefore, they use the courts.

Gird your loins, folks. The upcoming battle for Supreme Court Justices could very well be the one that tips the balance one way or the other. If we allow the Left to block Bush's nominees or force him to appoint anyone less than a Conservative, we could be done for.

We will have decision after decision like the "10 commandments" or the "Eminent Domain" decisions that completely go agains what The Constitution clearly says, and the only way to undo them will be to try to pass Amendment after Amendment, and that will never happen.

We need to do everything possible to get the message of the Right out there and stop the Left from Borking Bush's nominees. It's not a question of "if" it happens, but "when".


  1. Bravo -- well thought-out and expressed. I've taken to naming it 'secular fundamentalism' to point to the belief system (radical secular humanism) that animates their agenda. It is not neutral, it is not benign -- "The Court Party" does indeed run the system, in both of our countries. At least your legislators get a say as to who gets appointed to The Supremes... We even have a taxpayer-funded "Court Challenges Program" whereby moonbats can take their pet peeves to court when they can't get the legislators to take them seriously. Gives a whole new meaning to 'judicial activism'....

  2. Thanks, Linda.

    "Secular Fundamenatlism" means, literally, nothing to the average, "independent" American/Canadian voter.

    If we can get "Governmentalism" out there phrased as a religion, we may have a shot at showing exactly what these people stand for.

  3. Spot on, Exile. The Left is more fundamentalist than the muslim extremists. The extremists still realize they answer to God, while the Left believes they need no god--however they create their own god (the state, the U.N.) anyway with their ideology.

    Notice how they also have the devil too. Karl Rove, Bush, Haliburton. He gets around, that devil...