Thursday, June 30, 2005

But That's Different!

When The Blues Brothers said, "We’re on a mission from God", everybody thought it was funny.

When a Conservative Christian says, "We’re on a mission from God", they are treated to a large helping of derision and called fanatics by the Left.

When someone from any other religion says "We’re on a mission from God", we must respect their beliefs and their culture and not deride them or call them fanatics, says the Left.

When a murderous Muslim says, "We’re on a mission from God", while sawing somebody’s head off, we’re supposed to understand that, "We made him that way".

When a Democrat suddenly says, "We’re on a mission from God" after learning that they probably lost the last election because of "moral values", we’re supposed to believe them, even though they’ve studiously avoided using the "G" word in the past unless they were hunting votes in religious environs.

When a Lefty says, "We’re on a mission from God", oh…wait. Like that would ever happen.


  1. Did you see Bill and Hill at the Billy Graham crusade?
    Do you remember when those two occupied the Whitehouse that every Sunday there was a photo op of them leaving church holding a great big bible? You know why they weren't called religious fanatics by the press?
    Because everyone knows its just show, they don't actually believe it, it's just a show for the hicks in jesusland, and that little bit of hypocrisy is just cool with our MSM.
    Just one more example of the double standard applied by our press corps.
    If a republican goes to church, he's an idiotic Jesus freak. If a Dem goes to church, well, (nudge wink wink) it's cool, cause you know.

  2. The thing that I remember best is, during the 2000 election, Al Gore coming out of a church and, seeing the TV cameras, rushing out to meet them, letting the big, heavy wooden door of the church swing shut, almost knocking his daughter on her ass.

    That summed him up, right there.