Thursday, May 19, 2005

Still Looking

A month or two ago I was wondering what ever happened to Michael Moore? Nobody had heard him flapping his jowls for awhile.

Well, I'm still wondering.

It seems that the only place he exists anymore is on "extremist right-wing" talk-radio and blogs. The rest of the media apparently won't return his calls. In 1984-speak, he has become an "unperson".

I bet they wish they could do that with Howard Dean, too. Unfortunately (for them), they put him at the head of their party's mechanism. Ya gotta love it.

1 comment:

  1. I also was wondering what happened to Michael Moore, so when I clicked on your link to help find out, I was extremely disappointed to find that from hear in Thunder Bay, Canada, it was inoperative.

    "unperson".? I wish I would be so lucky as to be an "unperson" type with the amount of money he made from "Farnenheit 911"."very far from rich" people could stand to be an "unperson" of that kind, when viewed from the perspective of money.

    "Coon Rapids"? Never heard of it till just now. Only been to Minneapolis. My dad took me there whene I was a kid, to see a twins baseball game. It can't be too far though from here in Thunder Bay, located close to the U.S. border and Minnesota.

    "driven over the edge by the left-wing propaganda."?
    I know the experience. The kind I'm referring to is Canadian. In fact, it is so bad I now have to live in an asylum.

    Sometimes I sneak down to the asylum movie room. Someday, I suspect Michael Moore is going to be discussed in that room.