Saturday, May 14, 2005


OK, here's the plan:

We give out "questionnaires" to find out who among us are the uninformed or half-informed.

Then, when it comes time to vote, we let them vote for the next 'American Idol' or who should get "voted off the island".

That way they could feel like they're voting, but we won't have the morons who actually watch this drivel electing the people who make the policy for this country.

I strongly suspect that the uninformed and half-informed are the same people who actually care about these shows. And these are the same ones who are being inundated with political correctness on all of the sitcoms and drama shows.

They are the weak-minded among us and are easily swayed by their feelings. In other words, the "useful idiots" that the Left depends on to keep any power whatsoever.

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