Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Our Differences Are Not Different

I found this paragraph in a story about Harvard caving in to the feminazis and giving them $50 million for women's programs.

The recommendations include a senior administrative post overseeing diversity and faculty development — which Summers had previously committed to — as well as better mentoring for faculty and freshmen interested in science, enhanced faculty benefits in areas such as child care, and safe transportation for researchers working in labs late at night.

Now, if these women want safe transportation late at night, wouldn't that mean that they believe that they're not as able to protect themselves as men are? In other words, they're (gasp) different than men?

I guess that once they extorted the $50 million, hypocrisy doesn't matter.

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  1. I had a friend who hosted a "Self-Defense for Women" class, sort f a feminazi. She tried to start one up at law school, which is about 70% male. She sent out the E-Mails and got one back that said, "there are plenty of men here, and we'd be happy to walk you to your car." She got so angry that she threw a lamp at the wall.