Monday, May 09, 2005

Hypocrisy Overload

You know how the Lefties are always whining about how the United States consumes some huge portion of the world's resources?

You know how the Lefties are always whining about how the Federal Government should be taking care of everyone?

Well, while looking up the properties of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lights (yeah, I know: what a fascinating job I have!) I came across the following statement:

"As the world's largest consumer, the federal government can help "pull" the entire U.S. market towards greater energy efficiency, while saving taxpayer dollars."

While "saving taxpayer dollars" is certainly an admirable goal, wouldn't it save even more taxpayer dollars if the Federal Government wasn't the world's largest consumer of anything?

If these Lefties are so concerned about America consuming so many of the world's resources, maybe they should start advocating cutting back the government!

Can you imagine how many trees that we could save if we were to shut down the useless bureaucracies who are consuming entire forests with their insatiable appetite for paperwork? Every government, from your local village to the Feds, lives on paperwork! It takes 3 pages of paperwork for them to print out one page for your records.

Think about all of the Government vehicles that are driving around out there that could be gotten rid of and the pollution and the gas that would save.

Think of these massive Government buildings that are sucking up electricity, heat, water, and creating millions of tons of trash.

As usual, the Lefties can't link one thing to another. Their support of the Government is diametrically opposed to their love of "Mother Earth". It's not even hypocrisy in this case. They just, plain can't think that deeply or that far ahead.

What we really need is for one of these bright, young college folks to actually do a study on how many resources the Federal and/or local Governments actually consume. Now there's a thesis for you.

Just think: the Lefty professors couldn't hardly justify giving them a bad grade, seeing as how it's for the Environment and all. The dichotomy between Big Government and Environmentalism may just cause the Prof's head to explode.

- The Exile

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