Saturday, May 21, 2005

Here and Now

With all of my ranting about how the Left are just children in disguise, I missed this one completely.

Bob over at either orr whacked me in the head with a big ol' shovel and opened my eyes on this one. It was always on the tip of my tongue, but he hit it.

The sad part is, once liberalism had a vision of the past, a comprehension that we are on a continuum that began long before our great-great-great-grandparents were conceived and that should continue - barring the ultimate cataclysmic event - for long after our great-great-great-grandchildren have passed on.

The Left lives in the "now" just as my daughter does. She just recently grasped the concept that I'm a lot older than she is. That I've been around for far longer than she has.

It explains so much.

- They call Conservatives Nazis because they have no grasp of what the Nazis really were.

- They still embrace Communism because they have no real idea of the atrocities committed by all Communist regimes. I'm sure that they've heard about them, but it's just not real to them.

- They call the Bush administration "the most corrupt administration in history" because they don't know how corrupt some of the past administrations (i.e. LBJ's) have been.

- As I''ve noted in the past, they're trying to overcome thousands of years of evolution (i.e. men & women are equal, end of all wars, etc.) in their puny lifetimes, because they really can't grasp the difference between 70 years and 10,000 years.

Here's another one of those things where the examples are endless, but you get the idea.

Thanks, Bob. Consider yourself linked.

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  1. Exile,
    "Nobody special"? C'mon, friend. Anyone who cherishes his daughter as you do yours has to be something special. And anyone who has abandoned Hillary's village is always a friend in my world.
    You took my core idea and ran with it quite well. I salute you and link to you, too!