Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What Arrogance!

Apparently some "equal" branches of our government are more equal than others.

For their part, Senate Democratic Leader Reid and his House counterpart, Rep. Nancy Pelosi scheduled a "unity event" to argue that the agreement was a victory — and a message to the White House that the president must consult with Congress on future court nominees.

Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi apparently now expect the President to bow before them and kiss their rings.

If I were President Bush, I'd call a press conference and tell them that they can kiss my...well, you get the picture.

Why is it that Democrats in Congress seem to have no grasp of what the Constitution says? You would think that to get that far in politics, they'd have to have at least read it! Or is it that they think that the Constitution is irrelevant when dealing with their vast intellect? God, what arrogance!

There is nothing in the Constitution that even vaguely suggests that the President should have to consult with the Legislative branch before sending his nominees to the Senate. President Bush, Senator Frist and any other Republican out there should start howling to high heaven about this.

The "checks and balances" system was put in place so that no branch of the government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) can usurp power from the others.

The Democrats whined about Republicans hurting our system of "checks and balances" when it came to disagreements between parties, which is not at all what the system was put in place for.

But they are perfectly willing to utterly ignore those checks and balances when it comes to the way they're supposed to be used: to balance power between the branches of government.

The Legislative branch has no power to dictate to the Executive branch! Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi have no right to demand anything of President Bush!

Come on! I'm just a grease-monkey and even I know that! Why isn't anyone else saying the same thing? I have yet to hear any outrage against the Senate demanding that the President consult with them before he does anything. The Senate can do no such thing!

The minority party has taken over the Legislative branch and, without so much as a "Thank you, maam", they start dictating to the Executive branch! Once again, I thank God that the military hates these people or they would be dictating from the chair of a Dictator once the smoke cleared and the blood dried.

Is this just one of those things that's too obvious for the deep-thinking 'professionals' to see, or what?

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