Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gentlemen, Start Your Brains!

Yesterday as I was driving home from work, I flipped the radio over to Air UnAmerican to see what the enemy was up to. Lo and behold, the first guy who called started talking about how all of the military base closings were being implemented in the North. After about 3 minutes of the host trying to get him to make his point, he finally stated his theory that, in preparation for the coming "civil unrest", which the Conservatives knew would be forthcoming from their policies, they were consolidating their forces in the South to deal with it (apparently believing that all of the "rednecks" in the South were in lockstep with them).

The scary part of this was that this guy didn't sound like some stoned college kid, or ex-hippie. This guy sounded like he was an otherwise rational person who has been driven over the edge by the left-wing propaganda. He is the exact type of person who I mentioned in an earlier post about normal people falling for the Leftist propaganda and turning into conspiracy theorists.

He, and many, many others in the Democrat party have quit thinking completely. They were never much good at it to begin with, but all reasonable thought has stopped.

On a side note, I've come up with another theory (just full of them...or something...aren't I?) on the whole "conspiracy theory Left" movement: I think that they're trying to show their intelligence by coming up with the latest, greatest conspiracy theory. This is now what passes for deep thought amongst the Left. They're trying to "one-up" the last theory by seeing how "deep" into the twisted psyche of the Bush administration they can delve. They're looking for their Al Franken "affirmation" from their peers.

As another example of this, I was at work today and one of my co-workers stated that he believed that "Bush will go down as the most corrupt politician in history". Well, it's obvious that he knows nothing of history but, then I asked him why, if that was so, Bush wasn't being officially investigated for anything? Clinton had been investigated for many years and for multiple scandals by his 5th year in office. Did he think that the Democrats who are calling him a "loser" and a "liar" and comparing him to Hitler are just too nice to make a fuss by calling for official investigations? Did he think that if the Democrats had the slightest bit of evidence about any wrongdoing that they wouldn't be shrieking to have it investigated?

He just blinked for a few seconds before hemming and hawing. He had no response. None. Why? Because there is no response. But more importantly, he had never thought about that before. He had absorbed everything he had been force-fed by the MSM for the past 5 years with no questions asked or logical thought.

The scary part of that is that, if this guy would stop and think about these things, he would be a Republican in a minute. He hunts and fishes, has snowmobiles and ATV's, has nothing but scorn for welfare queens and the whole PC "victimhood" culture of the Left, probably makes over $100,000 between him and his wife (yet he bitches to me about the "rich", of course) and is exactly the kind of person that the Democrats stereotype Republicans as being.

The Democrats are attacking him and his lifestyle, yet, because he can't be bothered to look into anything more deeply than The Minneapolis Red Star Tribunal, he keeps voting for the very people who are attacking him.

I know many people like this. I'm sure that you do, too. Keep plugging away at them.


  1. Left? Deep thought? Oxymoronic!
    Michael Moore? Moronic!
    A good drink? Gin and tonic!

  2. The state of Minnesota is full of these people; they don't think anything through. That's why the DFL has controlled the state for so long. About as engaged as they get is the 10:00 news where the lefty announcer frames the republicans position, then the barking moonbat gets his 30 sec. There is no counter argument allowed to get through.

    The majority of Minnesotans are just not politically engaged, don't spend any time analyzing anything political, they just hear the DFL slurs against Republicans: Don't let those selfish rich guys steal your stuff, they're coming, look out! Yah just vote DFL, sure you betcha.

    We need to keep working on them with logic and common sense. Point out that its not the old democrats, it's the new commie loving moonbat democrats who want to take away their guns, snowmobiles, ATV's, and SUV's. It takes time to change the mindset, but we're making progress.